Chatham Grammar School for Girls (CGSG), in partnership with the University of Kent, are delighted to offer parents, carers, students the opportunity to attend our high level, out of hours adult and family learning provisions.

CGSG’s new and exciting adult and family learning programme offers a variety of courses, workshops and information sessions, together with a bespoke programme for CGSG parents, carers and students driven by our Lead Sponsor, the University of Kent.

Our unique programme aims to equip parents and carers with useful information and skills, such as iPad training for Parents and Carers, On-line Safety and Study Skills, all of which have been specifically designed with CGSG parents and carers in mind to help them support, engage and positively impact on their child’s learning opportunities.

We believe that wellbeing is key to the success and development of our young women at the Academy and as such we deliver Mindfulness workshops through our bespoke Leadership Development programme.  We know the importance of life long learning for adults and have a commitment to working with our parents and carers and have developed an out of hours community.  The eight week course enables adults to learn mindfulness based techniques, such as guided meditations to enhance their health and wellbeing.  This course can also help you support your child manage stress one moment at a time.  For further information, please email

To view our programme for 2018/2019, please click here.