Food Technology

Food Technology

Year 7

Students are working towards building skills in order to achieve their Licence to Cook award in Year 9.

   - Croque Monsieur (Use of the grill)

 - Fruit Fusion – fruit salad (Knife skills/ Healthy Eating)

 - Dippy Divers- crudités and dips (Knife skills/ Healthy Eating)

 - Vegetable Soup (Use of the hob)

 - Pizza Toast (Using your own ingredients)

 - Fruit Crumble (Using fruits in season)

 - Cheese and Potato Pie (Using tools and equipment)  


Year 8 

Students focus on healthy eating and sensible shopping in order to achieve their Licence to Cook award in Year 9.

 - Jam Tarts (Making shortcrust pastry- sweet)

 - Cheese and Onion Triangles (Making shortcrust pastry- savoury)

 - Bread Rolls (Yeast as a raising Agent)

 - Multi-cultural ready meals       

  • Pizza
  • Stir Fry
  • Choice of product linked to research

 - Citizenship project- Batch Producing Fairy Cakes

 - Pasta Salad (Cooking perfect pasta)


Year 9

Students focus on a special diet project that will help them achieve their Licence to Cook Certificate.  They also work in teams to produce a three course meal containing five of the recommended potions of fruit and vegetables a day.

 - Pasta Bake (All-in-one method of sauce making)

 - Savoury Rice (Cereals- Types of Rice)

 - Special Diet Product (Designed to meet needs of those following a special diet)

 - Cottage Pie (Using a range of skills)

 - Bolognese (Sauce Making)

 - Victoria Sponge (Improve cake-making skills)

 - Free Choice Three Course Meal (Produced in teams to meet the ‘5-a-day’ fruit and vegetable recommendation)