German is a popular subject, taught at all levels.

Course outline for Year 7 to 9

In Year 7 German students have studied greetings, phrases for giving and asking about personal information and they can understand classroom instructions.  Students enjoy using the interactive activities from Echo Electro 1 as well as departmental resources. Furthermore, they have learn how to talk about members of their family and pets as well as describing these.  They are capable of giving information about their sport and leisure activities, their house and can name some places in a town. In addition, students can express what they like to eat and drink.        

In Year 8 and 9 we use the textbooks Echo Express 1 and 2 and Echo Elektro 1 and 2 together with a variety of activities, songs and video clips.  We aim to practise the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as building a grammatical foundation.  Students also have the opportunity to use ICT activities designed for German and the students enjoy the interactive activities of the electronic version of the book either in class or in the form of independent study in the language laboratory.  Our current Year 8 students are studying towards Preliminary Level German.  This level is awarded by the OCR examination board and is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification.


Modern Foreign Languages

GCSE French (AQA), German (AQA) or Spanish (AQA)

Chatham Grammar School for Girls has an international outlook and all students study a language for GCSE.  We teach a wider range of languages than most schools, try out innovative new approaches to language learning and we make extensive use of ICT, including multimedia language programmes, and interactive whiteboards. We are also developing worldwide links and provide enhanced opportunities for you to undertake visits abroad.

A GCSE in at least one modern foreign language is compulsory. You can also gain a qualification in a second language by making it one of your two options.

As well as deriving enjoyment and benefit from language learning, your linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills will help you to take your place in a multilingual global society and also provide you with a suitable basis for further study and practical use of French, German or Spanish.  A GCSE in French, German or Spanish will enable you to:


  • Develop your understanding of your chosen language in a variety of contexts.

  • Develop your knowledge of your chosen language and language learning skills.

  • Develop your ability to communicate effectively in your chosen language.

  • Develop your awareness and understanding of countries and communities where your chosen language is spoken.



 Listening Examination (25%)

Speaking Examination (25%)

Reading examination (25%)

Writing examination (25%)


Course Structure

 Unit 1: Listening (25%)

Assessed by listening examination (answers in English and the target language).

Unit 2: Speaking (25%)

Assessed by a speaking examination at the end of Year 11. Students will need to do a role-play, discuss a photo card and have a general conversation.

Unit 3: Reading (25%)

Assessed by reading examination (answers in English and the target language).

Unit 4: Writing (25%)

Assessed by written examination. Students need to do a structured writing task, an open-ended writing task and a translation into the target language.


Extra-Curricular Aspects/Enrichment:

In the last two years the Year 7 students took part in the Christmas Trip to the Rhineland.

Students are given opportunities to explore the culture and expand their linguistic skills further.

We maintain a regular home-stay visit with a school in Kreuzau near Cologne).  After last year’s successful Year 10 tour of the Rhineland, we are in the process of organising a trip to the Black Forest for our current Year 9 and Year 10 students.

Students who like to act and write enjoyed creating a new play based on the theme of Hänsel and Gretel but with their own twist. This play was produced within the UK-German connection project last year. Following the success of this venture, our Year 11 students have created their own Drama group to which other students have been invited. 

Students in Years 9 -11 have enjoyed a drama production, performed in German, by the Onatti Theatre Company. 

Independent learning is promoted. A variety of resources and links can be found on our Learning Resources area. Students are also encouraged to complete comprehensive grammar exercises independently, read as much as possible in German, watch German-speaking films, listen to German music, take part in the established German home-stay visit and the trips on offer.