Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Funding

Catch-up Premium Report 2016/2017

A very small proportion of students start at CGSG with Key Stage 2 scores below the national expectation.

£1,215 was received in 2016/2017 in respect of the Catch-up Premium and this has been increased to £1,989 due to the increase in the size of the new Year 7 cohort.

Our internal assessments in 2016/2017 show that those few Year 7 students perform well against their targets, taking into account their lower starting points. Of the six Year 7 students, with the lowest prior attainment on entry, 4 of these reached their minimum expected target and 2 exceeded this target in English. In Maths, all 6 of these students met their minimum expected target and 3 students exceeded this target.

Teaching, support and intervention included:

• ‘In class’ teacher intervention following formal assessments

• Ongoing ‘in class’ teacher support, during class discussions, group work, following up on written work completed in class or for homework

• Additional reading tasks

• Visits to the library and encouragement to read

• Visiting local author to inspire young readers

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Funding budget and strategy for 2017/2018 will be uploaded shortly.