Last year our English department entered a class from Year 8 and from Year 9 in a creative writing competition run by Young Writers. The genre was "Spine-Chillers" for their mini saga.

The challenge was for the girls to write a short spooky story but using no more than 100 words. CGSG had 33 entries published in 'The Tales from the South East' edition. A copy of which can be found in the school library.

A spokesperson for Young Writers said:

“Many schools and students took part in this competition, with thousands of stories submitted from all over the UK. Work has been selected for publication based on imagination, perception, expression and creative use of language.”

Although none of our students were one of the top 5 winning entries to be awarded a Kindle Fire HD, the stories published will be a lasting record of their achievements.

To find out more about Young Writers and for a list of winners please click here


Coming to CGSG on Thursday 24 April for Years 7-10 the Online Safety Tour..... not to be missed!

Online safety tour POSTER (2).jpg

Maisie & Aaron will give advice on how to stay safe online, (never giving out personal information, never meeting strangers online, safety on social network sites, following rules of your parents on the internet), as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. They will also discuss personal stories, for example, a time when one of them was affected by cyber bullying, how they felt at the time, how they reacted, and the outcome of the situation. On top of this, they will discuss the importance of treating each other fairly, why diversity should be celebrated, what to do if you're being discriminated against and why it is wrong to discriminate against other people. The talk is very interactive and gets the pupils involved.



The Year 7 "Living with Teenagers" information event held on the evening of Thursday 16 March was a very informative talk for parents covering some of the challenges that those teenage years can bring.

For some of the presentations and videos from the evening please click on the links below.

Introduction by Maureen Gallivan

Chatham Grammar School for Girls
Head of Personal, Social and Health Education

Keeping Young People Safe

Speaker - Marc Dermody

Medway Council
Schools ICT Commissioner

Young People and Relationships

Speaker - Jade Griffiths

Medway Council
Child Health Team

Promoting Positive Mental Wellbeing

Speaker - Jo-Anne Campbell-Dunlop

Chatham Grammar School for Girls
Associate Headteacher

Drugs and Legal Highs

Speaker - Simon Ablitt

Open Road
Medway Young Persons' Substance Misuse Service



On 16 November 2016 Year 7 experienced a visit from children’s author, Helen Dennis, who entertained the girls with funny stories from her childhood when she was a ‘budding author’, and interactive code breaking activities which are the background to her first series ‘Secret Breakers’.  Her passion captured the girls’ interest right from the start and her new series, ‘River of Ink’, a truly gripping mystery, proved to be a favourite book purchased by them afterwards.

An extremely enthusing event which Year 7 will remember for a long time to come.

This event inspired me to do more creative writing because in stories you can write what you want and as Helen said, “You don’t just control the World, you control the entire Universe!”  By writing you can climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest oceans.  You could be invisible.   (Pear - Year 7)


When Helen was talking about how she was a little girl in Year 3 and she decided to become an author, it inspired me and gave me the message that you can never be too young to start something big.  (Tiahni -Year 7)

I bought two of Helen's books and I am thoroughly enjoying reading them as I find them extremely gripping and interesting.  It has definitely made me keen to read more frequently.  Her books have inspired me to want to write more as well and after her visit I have certainly read and written a lot more than I did previously.  Her experiences and journeys that helped her get to where she is now amazed me.  (Amber - Year 7)