Last year our English department entered a class from Year 8 and from Year 9 in a creative writing competition run by Young Writers. The genre was "Spine-Chillers" for their mini saga.

The challenge was for the girls to write a short spooky story but using no more than 100 words. CGSG had 33 entries published in 'The Tales from the South East' edition. A copy of which can be found in the school library.

A spokesperson for Young Writers said:

*“Many schools and students took part in this competition, with thousands of stories submitted from all over the UK. Work has been selected for publication based on imagination, perception, expression and creative use of language.”*

Although none of our students were one of the top 5 winning entries to be awarded a Kindle Fire HD, the stories published will be a lasting record of their achievements.

To find out more about Young Writers and for a list of winners please click here


Author Helen Dennis



On the morning of Wednesday 15 November 2017, Helen Dennis, visiting author, came to talk to our Year 7 classes about her journey to becoming a children’s writer.  She shared her experiences about her writing career starting from the age of 11 when she wrote her first book.  This didn’t get published but the encouragement she received from the publisher and a teacher at her primary school gave Helen the motivation to continue her passion for writing stories.  Her first series ‘Secret Breakers’ was published in 2012 and follows a team of young code-crackers and their friends through interlocking adventures as they battle to solve the mystery of the world’s most mysterious unbroken code!  There are six books in the series.

The first book in her second series ‘River of Ink - Genesis’ was published in 2016 and is a thrilling adventure mystery story centred around alchemy and the hunt for the elixir of life.  There are four titles in this series.

‘In the heart of London, a mystery boy emerges from the River Thames. In a race against time to discover his identity, who will triumph…’

It was selected as one of The Telegraph’s best young adult books for 2016 and declared the Salisbury Schools Book Award Winner of 2017.

Helen engaged her audience using images and a re-enactment of a piece from the book, aided by some Year 7 girls.

The morning ended with Helen signing books purchased by the girls who expressed they had thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Well done Helen for a great visit!

Here are a few comments from Year 7 about her visit.

I really enjoyed the hands-on experience we had with the re-enactment of one of the scenes from the book, and all the different stories about Helen’s life and journey to becoming a writer.
I loved how Helen told us how she was inspired to become a writer.   
I’ve always wanted to be an author, but never thought it was actually possible.  After listening to Helen I realised that she inspired me to do my best and that anything is possible.
…you explained that it will be hard work but a fun experience to choose writing as a career.