Sixth Form Life

In the UKAT Sixth Form students are offered a wide range of opportunities both to develop their personal talents and to become proactive and positive members of the wider community.

Every year one or two Head Students are chosen and they have the chance to represent both the academy and the UKAT Sixth Form at events in and outside of the of academy. All students become involved in planning, organising and taking part in a number of different activities and events where they can develop skills such as teamwork and leadership. There are also frequent opportunities for public speaking, an area which builds confidence and to which the school attaches great importance.

By taking part in both peer and academic mentoring schemes for students in lower years, UKAT students create healthy interaction between year groups whilst enhancing their own leadership skills. Academy celebrations, charity events such as rag week and voluntary work both at school and in the local community are popular and all help strengthen the academy's sense of community.

Rag Week

The annual Rag Week is held in October and it offers the students the opportunity to work together for a good cause. It's a fabulous event and the money raised is usually shared between three or four charities nominated by the students in the UKAT Sixth Form. In recent years we have raised around £1,500 on average. This event is one of the highlights of the academy year.