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The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the world’s leading achievement award for 14 - 24 year olds, and is highly regarded by Universities, Colleges and Employers.

It encourages young people to develop independence, commitment, leadership and teamwork through being involved in a personalised programme of activities. Participants make new friendships, working with adults who give up their time to share skills and help organise the programme. Many things they do at school already may count towards one of the sections, so they are validating what they already do.

Duke of Edinburgh at Chatham Grammar

At CGSG we run the Bronze Award for Years 9, 10 and 12 students and the Silver Award for Year 10 and 12 students.

The following table provides you with a quick overview of the Bronze and Silver Awards that start in Terms 1-3 each academic year:

Bronze Award Silver Award
Getting Started September of Year 9 is a good time to get involved in the Bronze Award.

Participants must be 14 years old at the time of completion of the award.
January of Year 10 or Year 12 is a good time to get involved in the Silver Award.

Participants must be 15 years old at the time of completion of the award.
Activity Sections You achieve your Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections:

- Skills
This section requires participants to commit to a hobby or skill, for example: singing, drama, cooking, needlework, gardening or the Combined Cadet Force.

- Physical
This section requires participants to partake in a physical activity. This encompasses most sporting activities from swimming to karate, football to gym membership, dancing to netball.

- Volunteering
This requires participants to show a commitment to helping others, either by learning about a community service by attending an organised course, or providing service themselves to other people in need. Examples are conservation projects, fundraising, coaching, raising awareness or helping out at cubs/scouts/dance clubs/church etc.

- Expedition
Under the supervision of qualified leaders, participants are trained in navigation, map reading and camping skills. They must then complete a supervised practice journey in unfamiliar surroundings. The Bronze Award comprises of six hours of daily journeying, covering approximately 24 kms, walking over two days with one overnight camp. The Silver Award comprises of approximately 30 kms walking over three days with two overnight camps. Once sufficiently trained, they will be required to complete a similar planned journey reporting at checkpoints throughout and being supervised more remotely. An Assessor will monitor their progress and assess their performance. Expeditions can only take place in summer months between March and October.

Development and regular progress must be shown in each section. Activities for each DofE section take a minimum of one hour a week over a set period of time, so they can be fitted in around academic study, hobbies and social lives.
Timescales - Volunteering: 3 months
- Physical: 3 Months
- Skills: 3 Months
- 2 x Expedition: 2 Days/1 Night (Practice & Assessed)

An additional 3 months must be spent on one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections.
- Volunteering: 6 Months
- Physical and Skills: One section for 6 Months and the other section for 3 Months
- 2 x Expedition: 3 Days/2 Nights (Practice & Assessed)

If you didn’t do Bronze, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical or Skills sections.
eDofE All participants are registered online to carry out their award on a website called eDofE (www.edofe.org). It is a vital part of the award and it is imperative that your child recognises the need to regularly check and update their sections on this website as this is the main channel of communication between the DofE Co-Ordinator and the participants.

This is particularly important at the start of the award as all activity choices need to be approved by the DofE Co-Ordinator to check they will count towards that section. Once completed, all awards are submitted for approval at the county via eDofE, therefore, if your child has not been updating their profile regularly they will not receive their award.
Training Initial and supplementary training in the use of the eDofE system for keeping track of Award progress will be given to participants.

For the purpose of the expedition section, training is provided in map reading, compass skills, camp craft, cooking in the outdoors, equipment and rucksack packing, First Aid, group safety and The Countryside Code ahead of departing for the “Practice Expedition”. This training will be done on Fridays in T2 with Miss Newington, the DofE Co-Ordinator.
Equipment Participants must have the correct kit to operate independently and safely on the Expeditions. Groups turning up poorly equipped can be deferred from an expedition and required to repeat it at a later date.

If you are unable to provide the equipment on the kit list, we are able to loan equipment in exchange for a fee of £10. Please be conscious that there is a £50 refundable ParentPay deposit requirement when hiring equipment. Once the equipment is returned in a satisfactory condition, deposits are returned to the ParentPay account.

Individuals may hire the following equipment: rucksack, sleeping mat, cookset and stove, waterproofs and tents from the Academy.

Please note that all payments are to be made separately via www.parentpay.com.
Expedition Area Chatham Grammar School for Girls runs its Bronze and Silver expeditions usually at Buckmore Park or Hamlet Wood, using a combination of public and Scout campsites overnight.
Expectations The highest standard of engagement and conduct is expected throughout the participation in the Award. Details of "Terms & Conditions of Participation" can be found below and must be adhered to at all times.
Assessment Activity sections will be monitored and assessed online as participants complete them. Participants must have an independent assessor from each of the venues for their Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections.

With regard to the Expedition section, participant groups will be constantly assessed while training and on expedition. As per DofE conditions, each group must take collective responsibility for any individual’s actions within their group. As such any breach of the DofE expectations by an individual may result in the whole group being subject to exclusion from the remainder of the training or expedition.
Cost Registration Fee - £30.00
Practice Expedition Fee - £40.00
Assessed Expedition Fee - £40.00

All payments must be paid via www.parentpay.com
Registration Fee - £30.00
Practice Expedition Fee - £70.00
Assessed Expedition Fee - £70.00

All payments must be paid via www.parentpay.com
Expedition Dates Practice Expedition - Thursday 28th March to Friday 29th March 2019

Assessed Expedition - Thursday 4th April to Friday 5th April 2019
Practice Expedition - Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th May 2019

Assessed Expedition - Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th May 2019

Useful Documents and Forms

Letters to Parents/Carers

Bronze Award 2018/2019

DofE Information Evening Presentation.   To view please click here.

DofE Bronze Information letter.   To view please click here.

Silver Award 2018/2019

DofE Silver Information Letter.   To view please click here.

DofE Team at Chatham Grammar

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  • Mr Whitehead - Senior DofE Leader and Assessor

  • Mr Webster - Senior DofE Leader and Assessor

  • Miss Miller - DofE Leader and Assessor

  • Mr Lettington - DofE Leader

  • Miss Sage - DofE Administrator

  • Mr Cross - Parent/Carer Volunteer

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