Year 7

Term One:            Basic personal information, colours, numbers, masculine and feminine

Term Two:            Family, animals, descriptions, likes and dislikes, adjective agreements

Term Three:          Home and surroundings, infinitive and conjugation

Term Four:            Routines, describing what people do, reflexive verbs, negative form

Term Five:            Describing your school, developing writing skills, irregular verbs

Term Six:              Leisure activities, future tense


Year 8

Term One:            Year 7 revision and general presentation on tourism in France

Term Two:            Food, Medieval and Renaissance castles, using the past

Term Three:          Mont Saint Michel, writing skills

Term Four:            Holidays, past tense, developing speaking skills

Term Five:            Project on tourism, research skills

Term Six:              Free time, consolidating the past, mixing tenses


 Year 9

Term One:            Identity and culture, me my family and my friends, relationships, present tense

Term Two:            Home town, neighbourhood and region, modal verbs, imperfect

Term Three:          My school and my studies, must, comparing

Term Four:            Free time activities: music, cinema and TV, consolidate irregular verbs

Term Five:            Free time activities: food and eating out, perfect tense

Term Six:              Customs and festivals in French speaking communities and countries


 Year 10

Term One:            School: problems and rules, modal verbs

Term Two:            Travel and tourism, perfect and imperfect, sequencing, developing accuracy

Term Three:          Post-sixteen education, future tense and conditional, developing speaking skills

Term Four:            Social issues: healthy and unhealthy living, modals and negative form

Term Five:            marriage and partnership, future tense

Term Six:              Technology in everyday life, social media, speaking skills, card practice


Year 11

Term One:            Global issues: the environment, if clause, conditional and imperfect

Term Two:            Social issues: charity and voluntary work, to want, subjunctive

Term Three:          Global issues: homelessness and poverty, modals and subjunctive

Term Four:            Career choices and ambitions

Term five:             End of course examination focus      

French specification:


A-Level – Year 1

Term one:             The changing nature of family

Term two:              A culture proud of its heritage

Term three:           The ‘cyber-society’, Boule de Suif

Term four:             Contemporary francophone music, La Haine

Term five:             The place of voluntary work, Boule de Sui

Term six:               Cinema: the 7th art form, La Haine


A-Level – Year 2

Term one:             Positive features of a diverse society, independent research project

Term two:              Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment, independent research project

Term three:           Life for the marginalised, independent research project

Term four:             Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power?, independent research project

Term five:             How criminals are treated, Politics and immigration

AQA specification: