Year 7

Term One: Geographical Skills

Term Two:     Physical Landscapes

Term Three:  The Restless Earth

Term Four: Rivers and Coasts

Term Five: Rivers and Coasts

Term Six: Weather and Climate and Fieldwork


Year 8

Term One: A Watery World

Term Two: Population and Migration

Term Three: Population and Migration

Term Four: Urbanisation and Fieldwork

Term Five: Ice and Climate Change

Term Six: Globalisation


 Year 9

Term One: Global Hazards - Atmosphere

Term Two: Global Hazards - Tectonics

Term Three: Urban Futures - Urbanisation.

Term Four: Urban Growth - Cities

Term Five: Graphical Skills and Fieldwork

Term Six: Fieldwork write up and Cartographic Skills


GCSE Geography Specification


 Year 10

Term One: Changing Climate

Term Two: Dynamic Development

Term Three: Distinctive Landscapes - Processes

Term Four: Distinctive Landscapes – Coasts and Rivers

Term Five: Decision Making Exercises

Term Six: Fieldwork and Write up of Results


 GCSE Geography Specification


Year 11

Term One: UK in the 21st Century

Term Two: Sustaining Ecosystems - Tropical

Term Three: Sustaining Ecosystems - Polar

Term Four: Resource Reliance

Term Five: Geography revision for exams


GCSE Geography Specification