Government & Politics

Government and Politics

Government and Politics is taught at A Level. This tends to be a subject where those students with strong ideas and a passion for current affairs and the workings of our society thrive. The department prides itself on the manner in which students are encouraged to analyse, evaluate and challenge – whether it is aspects of the United Kingdom’s constitution, party policies or the efficacy of different world ideologies. Recent opportunities have included mock elections, annual visits to the Houses of Parliament and a trip to Brussels.

During the course of the two year course we cover a number of topics which are as follows:

Year 12:

Unit 1: People and Politics – including pressure groups, elections, and party policies

Unit 2: Governing the United Kingdom – including an examination of the UK constitution and the relationships between the Government, Parliament and the Judiciary

Year 13:

Unit 3: Introducing Political Ideologies – including the study the familiar and popular world ideologies such as liberalism, socialism, conservatism and anarchism

Unit 4: Alternative Ideologies – including the study of nationalism, feminism, ecologism and multiculturalism