Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Funding

Catch-up Premium Report 2016/2017

A very small proportion of students start at Chatham Grammar with Key Stage 2 scores below the national expectation.

£1,215 was received in 2016/2017 in respect of the Catch-up Premium and this has been increased to £1,989 due to the increase in the size of the new Year 7 cohort.

Our internal assessments in 2016/2017 show that those few Year 7 students perform well against their targets, taking into account their lower starting points. Of the six Year 7 students, with the lowest prior attainment on entry, 4 of these reached their minimum expected target and 2 exceeded this target in English. In Maths, all 6 of these students met their minimum expected target and 3 students exceeded this target.

Teaching, support and intervention included:

• ‘In class’ teacher intervention following formal assessments

• Ongoing ‘in class’ teacher support, during class discussions, group work, following up on written work completed in class or for homework

• Additional reading tasks

• Visits to the library and encouragement to read

• Visiting local author to inspire young readers

The Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Funding Budget and Strategy for 2017/2018.

Chatham Grammar was not in receipt of any additional funding to support literacy and numeracy provision in 2017 - 18. 

However the Academy aims to support students in their reading and writing skills and Literacy is embedded in all schemes of learning across all year groups in our English lessons.  

We have a number of different strategies in place to support students in a variety of ways:

English lessons are used as a flagship for Literacy in the academy.  All schemes of work in this subject detail specific literacy activities such as spelling tests, consistent and ongoing focus on grammar and punctuation, as well as development of a sophisticated vocabulary. The introduction of literature from a wider range of time periods has allowed students to develop an understanding of the foundations of the English language as well as an appreciation of where their language comes from and how it has changed over time.

Year 11 students have all had their reading speed measured as a strategy to help students increase this across all subjects.  

English lessons have been used to ensure that students are frequently reading extended passages in timed conditions and these are then being used as the basis for comprehension and analysis.

Literacy is embedded in all subjects and teaching and support staff are expected to support the Chatham Grammar Literacy programme.  Our schemes of work ensure there are subject specific assessment opportunities in Literacy.  Literacy has become a focus in all subjects with class-based activities and assessment opportunities in spelling, punctuation and grammar; speaking and listening; and extended reading and writing.  Staff are required to report a Literacy grade at each assessment point. 

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 visit the Library on a weekly basis in order to foster and promote a love of reading for pleasure.  Students are encouraged to select a book based on their interests and spend 30 minutes reading in this session.   In addition to this, the Library is used as a centre for literacy based workshops and activities. Shakespeare’s birthday was celebrated with a language based quiz exploring his most famous sayings and the recent competition encouraging students to write a diary entry in the style of Louise Rennison supported development of creative writing.

Year 7 students experienced a visit from an author who discussed how she was encouraged at school to develop a passion for literature and writing, students were given the opportunity to engage with the author using images and a re-enactment of a piece from her books, aided by some Year 7 girls.

Chatham Grammar has not received any Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Funding for 2018/2019.