Year 7

Term One:   Analysing & Displaying Data, Number Skills

Term Two:  Equations, Functions and Formulae, Fractions

Term Three:  Angles and Shape, Decimals

Term Four:  Equations, Multiplicative Reasoning     

Term Five:  Perimeter, Area and Volume, Sequences and Graphs          

Term Six:  Revision, Financial Education Project


Year 8

Term One:  Factors and Powers, Working with powers

Term Two:  2D Shapes and 3D Solids, Real Life Graphs

Term Three:  Transformations, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Term Four:  Constructions and Loci, Probability

Term Five:  Scale Drawings and Measures, Graphs

Term Six:  Revision, Financial Education Project


Year 9

Term One:  Number, Algebra

Term Two: The collection of data, Processing, representing and analysing data

Term Three:  Fractions, ratio and percentages , Angles and trigonometry

Term Four:  Summarising data: measures of central tendency and dispersion, Scatter diagrams and correlation

Term Five:  Graphs, Area and volume

Term Six:  Revision, Statistics Project


Year 10

Term One:  Number, Algebra, Interpreting and representing data

Term Two:  Fractions, ratio and percentages , Graphs

Term Three:  Area and volume, Transformations and constructions, Equations and inequalities

Term Four:  Probability, Multiplicative reasoning

Term Five:  Similarity and congruence, Angles and trigonometry          

Term Six:  Revision, More trigonometry


Year 11

Term One:  Further statistics, Equations and graphs, Circle theorems

Term Two:  More algebra

Term Three:  Vectors and geometric proof, Proportion and graphs

GCSE Statistics - comparitive pie charts, scatter graphs, time series

Term Four:  GCSE Statistics. More probability, box plots, population pyramids, standard deviation, probability distributions. Controlled assessment

Term Five:  Revision


GCSE Mathematics Specification

GCSE Statistics Specification for Year 11

GCSE Statistics Specification for Year 9


Year 12         

Term One:  Algebra, Quadratics and Cubics, Inequalities and Simultaneous Equations, Sampling, Data Presentation and Interpretation

Term Two:  Kinematics, Coordinate geometry, Graphs and Circles

Term Three:  Data presentation and interpretation, The Binomial Expansion, Trigonometry, Probability and statistical distributions

Term Four:  Hypothesis testing, Exponentials and logarithms, Differentiation, Integration

Term Five:  Kinematics, Vectors, Forces and Newton’s Laws

Term Six:  Revision, Algebra and Functions


A2 Mathematics specification for Year 12


Year 13

Core Mathematics

Term One:  Trigonometry, Differentiation

Term Two:  Numerical methods, Proof, Partial Fractions, Binomial Expansion  , Further differentiation

Term Three:  Coordinate geometry, Integration

Term Four:  Further integration, Differential equations, Vectors

Term Five:  Revision

Statistics 2

Term One:  Poisson Distribution, Continuous random variables

Term Two:  Continuous distributions, Normal Approximations

Term Three:  Populations and sampling

Term Four:  Hypothesis Testing

Term Five: Revision

Mechanics 2

Term One:  Centres of mass

Term Two:  Work and energy

Term Three:  Collisions

Term Four:  Statics of rigid bodies

Term Five:  Revision


A2 specification for Year 13