Welcome to the Music Department

Here you can find information about clubs, and peripatetic music lessons available at the school.

Music for Schools Foundation

We are currently the only senior school in Medway to benefit from using Music For Schools Foundation (MFSF).  They are currently the cheapest way to start learning the flute, clarinet, cornet, trumpet or saxophone.  Lesson prices and more details about how to apply to start learning with MfSF can be found following the link below.

General information

Information for parents and students who are considering starting instrumental/vocal lessons at CGSG


            Q.        When will my daughter’s lessons be?

A.        Lessons will be arranged by the instrumental/vocal teachers during the school day (very occasionally immediately after school) on a weekly basis.

Q.        Will my daughter be missing the same lesson every week in order to attend her instrumental/vocal lesson?

A.        Teachers will always try to arrange their lessons on a rota basis so that your daughter will not be missing the same lesson each week. Occasionally when a teacher only has a few pupils this will not be possible.

Q.        Will my daughter be allowed out of class for her individual instrumental/vocal lessons?

A.        The staff at CGSG are aware of the importance of individual instrumental/vocal lessons and are aware they are to allow pupils to attend. Many of our staff are musical themselves and so are keen to see the girls attend these lessons. Pupils are expected to copy up any work they missed if this is felt appropriate by staff and re-arrange a suitable time for assessments.  If peripatetic staff know that a student has an important test due at the same time as their lesson, more than a week in advance, they can often re-arrange the time of the lesson so that the student can attend their assessment.  Many students do this themselves by texting or emailing their teacher.

Q.        How much are lessons?

A.        Lesson prices vary depending on the instrument/voice and length of lesson. 

           Prices are available by clicking links on the website.

Q.        Can we hire an instrument for our daughter to learn on or do we have to buy one?

A.         Chatham Grammar School for Girls has its own limited stock of orchestral instruments, which depending on availability, may be loaned out.  You would be responsible for the cost and upkeep of the smaller parts of the instrument including strings (for violins for example); reeds (for clarinets) and any servicing of the instrument.

Chatham Grammar School for Girls also liaises with the Medway Music Hub (aka Dynamics) to also loan out instruments for continuers and starters.  Stock is limited, but they do have more brass and woodwind instruments than us. (Medway Council instrument Load).  This is also subject to availability.

Any child learning under the Music for Schools Foundation will have a number of rental or purchase schemes available to them.  You can check this directly with the MfSF website.

You should ensure that any instrument loaned to you by either Chatham Grammar or Medway Council are covered under an insurance agreement as fixing or replacing a damaged or lost instrument can be very costly.

Should your child be a dedicated orchestral instrumentalist then the school can also help in the purchase of new instrument (Instrument Purchase Scheme). This is a way to avoiding paying VAT on costly instruments through a recognised music education supplier.

 Q.        How will we be billed for tuition?

A.        The individual teacher will bill you directly. The paperwork for all lessons is not dealt with by the Music Department at CGSG but by the individual teachers concerned or Music for Schools Foundation.  Lessons are normally billed termly, although occasionally this will differ.

Q.        What happens if my daughter is unable to attend a lesson?

A.        Students or parents are expected to give the instrumental/vocal teacher reasonable notice if they are unable to attend a lesson. This includes illness. It will be at the discretion of the teacher if that lesson is made up at a later point in the term and/or charged for.

Q.        What happens if my daughter’s teacher is ill and is unable to teach a lesson?

A.        It is expected that you will either not be charged for this lesson, or that the lesson will be made up at a later point in the term.

Q.        What happens if we wish our daughter to discontinue lessons?

A.        Each individual teacher will have their own notice requirements which will need to be clarified.  Generally it is normally expected that half a term’s notice is given.

Q.        How much practice will my daughter need to do each evening?

A.        This will vary from student to student. Initially it is anticipated that this will be approximately 15 minutes a day at first but your daughter’s teacher will advise her on how much practice she should be doing.

Finally, we hope that all students who undertake instrumental/vocal lessons will find it enjoyable and stimulating. It is anticipated and hoped that the student will participate in the musical extra-curricular life of the school. Should there be any problems do not hesitate in talking to somebody, either the instrumental teacher or a Music Teacher at CGSG.