DofE Bronze Award

Our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants completed their practice training session and then their assessed expedition at the end of last term. This included a practice walk around Bluebell Hill, learning First Aid, the Country Code, tent pitching and cooking on trangias during the first week, followed by a two day expedition using their new skills the week after.

This was a joint UKAT DofE expedition with a record sixty-one students from CGSG, and we are extremely proud of all the students who passed their Bronze expedition. This term and next we will be seeing the presentations from the groups and signing off their volunteering, skills and physical sections.

Lucy Year 9 writes:

‘Our DofE group had an amazing and inspirational time. From the beginning we set off in good spirits, walking through fields and up hills with everyone supporting each other as we arrived at the checkpoints along the way. But then we took an accidental detour and met an amazing dog named Daisy! We finally found Miss Newington and had a water refill. We continued for another couple of hours walking through the fields and helping each other through the tougher times. We used the technique of ‘don’t stop singing’ and it worked amazingly.

Then it was everyone’s favourite time, lunch time! We found a beautiful orchard field to sit and have our pack-ups for the day, waited for half an hour and set off again. A couple of hours later, we reached the campsite, it was freezing and started to rain, but we continued to sing! We got first pick of the camp site and pitched our tents before it started to tip it down! Then we proceeded to hide in our tents and play card games while we waited for the rain to stop.

Finally, the time had come to brace the weather and go out to cook. Bella and I had hot dogs while Niamh, MJ and Lauren had carbonara. It was a surprisingly good meal! Then it was time to go to sleep ready for the next day. We had a very good sleep. In the morning, we were up early at 6:30am and began to get ready. We had pancakes and porridge for breakfast which prepared us for the day. We set off on our journey, but once again we almost immediately ran into an issue which led to a one-hour detour, but we later managed to make up this time. We persevered with the support of our group and got through the rest of the hike without any further problems. We had our pack-up lunch and a quick power nap before completing our expedition. DofE has taught us all many valuable skills including teamwork, communication, time management, organisation, but most importantly perseverance. We struggled at times, but in the end we’ve come out with an amazing achievement that we will cherish forever.

Kent Sport Grant

Chatham Grammar School for Girls has been successful in receiving funding from Kent Sport. This funding will provide a new sport opportunity playing Futsal (indoor football). Students can participate on Fridays after school. Attendance was great last term of around 15-25 students attending each week. We received new Futsals, bibs and markers to help develop the skills and knowledge of the game.

We would like to thank Kent Sport for funding us £264!

Kent Sport.jpg

Year 10 Work Experience

Amy Year 10 writes:

‘Bonjour! I have recently spent the week working as a Teaching Assistant in our French department, and have really been enjoying it.

When Year 10 were given the opportunity to have a week of work experience, I was eager to try teaching, as it is something I have always wanted to do and I would like to be a teacher in the future.

Throughout the week I’ve been doing various jobs for the teachers in the language department, such as helping in some Year 7 and 8 lessons, designing some new display boards for our corridor, and these tasks have definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone! I’ve noticed that my confidence levels have grown as I have got more used to answering questions in class and talking to the staff, and I’ve found it really interesting to learn about the job that I want to do in the future.

This has also been an excellent opportunity for me to practice my French speaking and listening skills, and revisit previous topics. Overall I have truly loved this experience, and it has inspired me to work harder towards my career path for the future.’

Snowdonia 2019

Snowdonia 1.jpg

At 8:30am on Sunday 12th May in glorious sunshine, eight eager A’ Level students started a week to remember, the week would end up including walking around thirty miles, scaling heights of 1050 metres and climbing waterfalls.

Our journey took us to various locations chosen by the students to collect data for their Non-Examined Assessments (NEAs). They included; Parys Mountain, a disused Copper mine, The Afon Nant Peris, Cwm Idwal, Lllanberis and Mount Snowdon. The copper mine was our starting point for the week with water samples taken from the small lakes to test a range of things including PH levels. The site of the copper mine was both beautiful, with all of the rock exposed, but also sad where the mountain had been destroyed.

Snowdonia 2.jpg

After the copper mine, we moved on to the Afon Nant Peris for a river study, but not without a quick stop at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch on the way to see what all of the fuss was about.

Snowdonia 3.jpg

Day two saw a visit to the SSSI mountain of Cwm Idwal, which allowed for various studies and a good opportunity for revision of their glacial landscapes study. We were also treated to a frequent display of RAF jets training in the skies above us, and sometimes below us.

Day three and four saw studies in Llanberis at the foot of Snowdon, and on Mount Snowdon collecting huge amounts of data, even getting questionnaires completed on the summit. For some this was their first mountain top experience, and was undoubtedly a huge success.

Purple Friday

Purple Friday.jpg

On Friday 10th May, Chatham Grammar School for Girls turned purple for a day to raise money for The Wisdom Hospice, Rochester.

The event was organised by Personal Tutor Group 10Pt2 and was a great success. Events included a purple themed TAG day, raffle, cake sale and ‘Guess the Teacher’s Baby Photo Quiz’. Mrs Knight kindly donated her marathon money to the cause, taking our grand total up to £4,810. An amazing achievement and a huge thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Year 10 Paris Trip

Paris 2.jpg

During the first evening of our trip we visited Montparnasse Tower, which was a short walk from our hostel. The height was overwhelming but the view from the top was stunning, and we all really enjoyed it. We could see a lot of famous French buildings from the top, such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower (which lit up every hour)

We spent the second day in Paris with our ambassadors from the University of Kent, who gave us a tour of the city. We tried French cuisine, walked down by the river Seine and saw the Notre Dame, and overall it was a calm but amazing day. The river was beautiful in the sunny weather we had, and the historic buildings around it added to the breath-taking view. We also visited la musée de l’Orangerie in the morning and were given a quiz to complete as we walked around. Some of the paintings there were extremely pretty and some were just really quirky, and it was an interesting visit for all of us.

During the third day we went to a French market place via the Metro, and I really enjoyed it there. There were dozens of stalls all trying to sell their products, and it was a busy but exciting atmosphere. We then visited a local shopping centre in Paris, and although it took a while to get there it was definitely worth the journey. There were quite a few shops to look round so most of us ended up spending our euros! That same evening the hostel was holding a disco for those staying there, so most of us joined in. It ended up being really fun and overall a great night.

Paris 1.jpg

On our fourth day in Paris we went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch before we left for England. We all tried something new there and most of us ended up really liking it… some people even tried snails! After collecting our bags from the hostel and travelling to the station by the Metro, we arrived at the Eurostar. Due to delays we had a long wait, although we managed to keep ourselves entertained most of the time. By the time we arrived back in England we were exhausted from our busy trip, and I think we can all agree that it was an unforgettable experience!


Super 8 Athletics


On Wednesday 22nd May, our year 7 Athletics team competed at Medway Park at the Secondary School Games 'Super 8' event. The girls had to compete in 1 track event, 1 field event and 1 relay. The girls were very motivated and had been practicing their events for the competition.

We are extremely happy that they won the competition and all came home with gold medals. For most of the girls, this was the first time they have represented the school and they are looking forward to the upcoming District Athletics competition in June. This has also secured our place at the top of the Medway SSG League table as we are now 3 points ahead of Rainham Girls who are 2nd. We have 2 events left in the league, cricket on Thursday 20th June and District on Thursday 27th June. 


Super 8 Athletics Team:

Bianca, Jessica, Zainab, Erin, Anjola, Keria, Esther and Soso

The Little Library

Students and staff are invited to use the Little Library, which is coming soon to CGSG. We have a collection of books suitable for all ages, from babies right through primary school! They can be borrowed so students can practise reading aloud to younger siblings or to listen to them read. Brilliant ways to boost reading fluency and highlight the importance of reading at home!

Borrow a book… read and enjoy… then simply pop it back to the Little Library.

Great little books for the little people at home.

Music at CGSG

A date for your diary - Chatham Grammar Summer Music Concert

We have great pleasure in inviting you to join us for our Summer Concert on Monday 8th July 2019

Students have been working very hard within their music lessons and during extra-curricular activities to learn a variety of pieces for this celebratory occasion.

More information and tickets will be available through ParentPay after the May break.

Ms Coupe is on the lookout for students who would like to perform a solo in the concert.

She will be holding auditions on Thursday 16th May 3:15pm

If your daughter is interested in auditioning, please email Ms Coupe here

CGSG Visit to Ypres

Ypres 1.jpg

During Term 4, the English department organised a trip to Ypres in Belgium to experience the history of war and support students who were analysing War Poetry.

A Year 8 student Sandra wrote:

‘The trip to Ypres was unlike anything I had experienced before. The new knowledge I have gained, and the powerful emotion I felt on the trip is difficult for me to put into words - it was both exciting yet saddening to learn about at the same time.

The first part of our journey began in France. We visited the Thiepval Memorial which commemorates the missing British and South African soldiers whose bodies were never found, so they were never able to receive a set grave.

There are 72,337 names of fallen soldiers but sometimes those names can get “rubbed out” once their bodies have been found and identified. Behind the memorial, there was a graveyard; on the right hand-side the British were buried underneath a tombstone, whereas the French were buried underneath a cross. It was fascinating to learn about how many soldiers from the Battle of the Somme alone were never found.

Once we had a look around Thiepval, we then proceeded to embark to our next destination of Lochnagar Crater. A mine explosion on the 1st July 1916 formed the crater, on the very first day of the Battle of the Somme! It is the largest man-made crater from the First World War. Along the perimeter of the crater there is a crossing with the names of the soldiers who died within this area.

Ypres 2.jpg

My favourite fact from this part of the trip was the name of one woman on the tile- she was a German nurse who secretly helped the Triple Entente troops. Sadly, she got caught and was killed by the Germans.

The final part of our time in France was spent visiting the German cemetery. This taught me that although the French and German were enemies, the French still had the decency to bury the German troops- that shows true respect to me. However, because the French and Germans were still enemies, the French decided to bury four German troops in one grave. This seems to demonstrate that the French were both respectful and also defiant as they still weren’t “handing themselves over” to the Germans.

For the second part of our trip we went to Belgium. The first place we visited was the Ypres Salient; where one of the biggest battles in World War One was fought. Following on, we moved on to the Essex Farm where there are 1,200 servicemen buried.

A few steps away from the graveyard is the place where John McCrae wrote his famous poem “In

Flanders Field”.

It was fascinating to be standing in the same place where the outstanding McCrae wrote such an emotional and moving poem. Afterwards we visited Tyne Cot, which bears the name of 35,000 men from Britain and New Zealand who fought and died in the “Bloody Battle of Passchendaele”. It was a huge cemetery, it stretched out as far as the eye could see. It was very poignant that so many men risked their lives for a war that helped shape our future today.

The final wreath laying was extremely emotional because so many different generations came together to show their respects to remember the fallen.

The fun event of the trip was chocolate shopping in Belgium!

On the last day we went to the Poperinge Execution Cells which is still tattooed with the graffiti of men who were sentenced to death; suffering in silence from PTSD and shell-shock!

We went to Hill 62 Sanctuary Wood Museum and the trenches were dirty with muddy water that sometimes went past the ankle which shocked us a few times! We went through old tunnels and now we understand why the trenches were in a zig zag style and not a straight line; if the enemy came he wouldn’t be able to shoot straight down and injure/kill everyone in his path.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I feel more prepared for my examinations by having seen the trenches and war memorials. I feel empathy with what soldiers went through and, I still feel emotional to this day from visiting all the graveyards and remembering the fallen that fought for us.”

5 Week Pledge

CGSG staff have committed to show their support and solidarity with Year 11 and commit to a five-week pledge.

Over the next few weeks, teachers will be swimming, walking, knitting and running their way to a goal they have set themselves. Over ten members of staff have made a pledge to demonstrate to students that a lot can be achieved in five weeks.

Pledges range from Ms Walters learning a piece of music on the trombone, Mrs Grimes training to run two miles without stopping, Mrs Lettington knitting a pair of socks and Mrs Shillitoe and Mrs Parsons aiming to walk one hundred miles each by the end of the five weeks. Students will be given weekly updates in Personal Tutoring and can follow the progress of staff on Twitter by following @Year11CGSG.

If we can do this, Year 11 can do anything!

Specialist Literature Lectures

During Term 4, the English department paired up with the University of Kent to deliver specialist Literature lectures to our Year 11 students.

A range of lecturers from the University delivered lessons on topics such as how Priestley (the writer of ‘An Inspector Calls’) was progressive during his time; love and marriage during the patriarchal society of the 1500s (when Romeo and Juliet was set); a historian’s perspective on the influence of London within the time period of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.

Students found these lectures beneficial with many students using information from the lectures to further develop their contextual knowledge of the Literature texts that they have studied for their English GCSE.

The teachers also found these very interesting, even interacting with the question and answer elements themselves!

CGSG Rugby Winners

A fabulous team performance by the Year 7 and 8 students at the Secondary Schools Games rugby union 7s competition in which CGSG won all their games, and only conceded one try all day.

Although many of the players had not much experience playing rugby; additional coaching from Medway Rugby Club helped students develop new skills. All participants displayed fantastic team spirit and got the winning result.

1st Chatham Grammar School for Girls - Gold

2nd Rainham Girls - Silver

3rd Brompton Academy - Bronze

Overall Secondary Schools Games Table with 4 events to go:

1st Chatham Grammar School for Girls

2nd Rainham Girls

3rd Rainham Mark

4th Brompton Academy

In Term 5 we are looking forward to continuing the winning streak with forthcoming Secondary School Games Year 8/9 Girls Rounders, and Year 7 Cricket competitions.

World Book Day 2019!

The English department celebrated World Book Day this year alongside the rest of CGSG. Students were encouraged to dress up and come into school as their favourite literary character; there were some wonderful outfits from students and staff, as you can see from the photos!

Students also participated in book-based lessons within their English lessons and during Personal Tutoring. English students discussed the benefits of reading; we looked at how front covers can reveal a lot

about a book and discussed book recommendations.

Students competed in a book quiz to end all quizzes, with winners being announced at the end of lesson!

Throughout the day we were raising money to donate to both our library and to a charity called Beanstalk

which offers one-to-one reading support for children aged between 3- 13 years old.

In total we raised £358.52.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing the outfits and participation again next year!

CGSG Basketball

Students from Years 9 and 10 represented Medway at the Kent Basketball Competition where the girls worked hard and finished eighth out of sixteen schools.

The team won three, lost two and drew one. This was a fantastic achievement as the girls had only three training sessions and competed against schools who play Basketball weekly.

We are very proud of the girls and a special mention goes out to Elaine for scoring a big three pointer!

Lost Property

We are holding a vast array of unclaimed items in our Lost and Found store. Amongst the finds last term were several PE kits, coats and trainers. At the end of the Academy day the changing rooms and classrooms are cleared and items left behind go to our Lost and Found store.

Please note that items will be held for one term and then disposed of. Please may we remind parents and carers to clearly label uniform and belongings to make it easier to identify and return to the rightful owners. Students can access the Lost and Found store via Student Services or the Site team.

Activities Going on in Your Library

Chatham Grammar’s library hit the ground running with an exciting start to 2019.


The Love-Athlon!

Students competed for three prizes in this year’s three-part Valentine’s challenge – ‘The Lovers’ Quiz’, ‘The Word Search for Love’, and a ‘Match the Literary Lovers’ test. It proved to be both lots of fun and a way for students to improve their research and communication skills, as well as bringing out that competitive spirit as they vied for the prizes!

Creative Writing Club

Students involved in Creative Writing Club have produced some really creative pieces this term, comprising of unique poems, blurb alternatives for well-known books, and short stories. Hannah, Year 8, won the Christmas Creative Writing competition with a wonderful entry about living in the present to define one’s future. Next term we will be working on illustrations to accompany students’ stories which will be compiled into a book for display in the library.

Creative Writing Club is currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays after school.


Student-led Assembly

A huge congratulations to Annabelle, our fantastic Year 7 student who delivered a confident and articulate speech about bullying and mental health during an assembly this term.

Annabelle presented her thought provoking speech to Years 7 – 11, show casing her impressive public speaking and leadership skills to the whole school. Well done!

Strictly Come Public Speaking Club

After the roaring success of the Christmas event Strictly Come Reading, the library, together with Leadership programme, have continued the club and are currently working with an incredible twenty-five students who wish to pursue a LAMDA public speaking qualification next year.

Students play games that improve their speaking skills and allow them to grow confidence in their ability to speak in front of their peers and articulate their thoughts.

Strictly Come Public Speaking is currently held on Tuesdays after school, and Friday lunches for those girls who cannot make after school clubs.

Student led assembly.png

One Hundred Amazing Women

Helping our students develop a wider understanding of History, the Arts and Innovation, we are looking at the top one hundred amazing women who have influenced culture and science around the world.

This is an opportunity to shine some light on some of the less well-known female figures that have been lost in time. Students are invited to take part in a competition to name and highlight an amazing woman who has inspired them!

Coming Up in Term Four

Exciting initiatives are coming for the library in Term Four and beyond for girls to keep an eye out for!

The library is now a fantastic working space, having been completely revamped in the last year, the latest change being a whole set of new computers and desks for the students to use, both in lessons and in their free time. We are bringing in fresh resources, new competitions and inspiring displays, all to create a working environment that is stimulating, functional and educational.