University of Kent Specialist Literature Lectures

During Term 4, the English department paired up with the University of Kent to deliver specialist Literature lectures to our Year 11 students.

A range of lecturers from the University delivered lessons on topics such as how Priestley (the writer of ‘An Inspector Calls’) was progressive during his time; love and marriage during the patriarchal society of the 1500s (when Romeo and Juliet was set); a historian’s perspective on the influence of London within the time period of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens.

Students found these lectures beneficial with many students using information from the lectures to further develop their contextual knowledge of the Literature texts that they have studied for their English GCSE.

The teachers also found these very interesting, even interacting with the question and answer elements themselves!

CGSG Rugby Winners

A fabulous team performance by the Year 7 and 8 students at the Secondary Schools Games rugby union 7s competition in which CGSG won all their games, and only conceded one try all day.

Although many of the players had not much experience playing rugby; additional coaching from Medway Rugby Club helped students develop new skills. All participants displayed fantastic team spirit and got the winning result.

1st Chatham Grammar School for Girls - Gold

2nd Rainham Girls - Silver

3rd Brompton Academy - Bronze

Overall Secondary Schools Games Table with 4 events to go:

1st Chatham Grammar School for Girls

2nd Rainham Girls

3rd Rainham Mark

4th Brompton Academy

In Term 5 we are looking forward to continuing the winning streak with forthcoming Secondary School Games Year 8/9 Girls Rounders, and Year 7 Cricket competitions.

Students and Staff Champion World Book Day 2019!

The English department celebrated World Book Day this year alongside the rest of CGSG. Students were encouraged to dress up and come into school as their favourite literary character; there were some wonderful outfits from students and staff, as you can see from the photos!

Students also participated in book-based lessons within their English lessons and during Personal Tutoring. English students discussed the benefits of reading; we looked at how front covers can reveal a lot

about a book and discussed book recommendations.

Students competed in a book quiz to end all quizzes, with winners being announced at the end of lesson!

Throughout the day we were raising money to donate to both our library and to a charity called Beanstalk

which offers one-to-one reading support for children aged between 3- 13 years old.

In total we raised £358.52.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity, it is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing the outfits and participation again next year!

CGSG Basketball

Students from Years 9 and 10 represented Medway at the Kent Basketball Competition where the girls worked hard and finished eighth out of sixteen schools.

The team won three, lost two and drew one. This was a fantastic achievement as the girls had only three training sessions and competed against schools who play Basketball weekly.

We are very proud of the girls and a special mention goes out to Elaine for scoring a big three pointer!

Lost Property

We are holding a vast array of unclaimed items in our Lost and Found store. Amongst the finds last term were several PE kits, coats and trainers. At the end of the Academy day the changing rooms and classrooms are cleared and items left behind go to our Lost and Found store.

Please note that items will be held for one term and then disposed of. Please may we remind parents and carers to clearly label uniform and belongings to make it easier to identify and return to the rightful owners. Students can access the Lost and Found store via Student Services or the Site team.

A Wealth of Activities Going on in Your Library

Chatham Grammar’s library hit the ground running with an exciting start to 2019.


The Love-Athlon!

Students competed for three prizes in this year’s three-part Valentine’s challenge – ‘The Lovers’ Quiz’, ‘The Word Search for Love’, and a ‘Match the Literary Lovers’ test. It proved to be both lots of fun and a way for students to improve their research and communication skills, as well as bringing out that competitive spirit as they vied for the prizes!

Creative Writing Club

Students involved in Creative Writing Club have produced some really creative pieces this term, comprising of unique poems, blurb alternatives for well-known books, and short stories. Hannah, Year 8, won the Christmas Creative Writing competition with a wonderful entry about living in the present to define one’s future. Next term we will be working on illustrations to accompany students’ stories which will be compiled into a book for display in the library.

Creative Writing Club is currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays after school.


Student-led Assembly

A huge congratulations to Annabelle, our fantastic Year 7 student who delivered a confident and articulate speech about bullying and mental health during an assembly this term.

Annabelle presented her thought provoking speech to Years 7 – 11, show casing her impressive public speaking and leadership skills to the whole school. Well done!

Strictly Come Public Speaking Club

After the roaring success of the Christmas event Strictly Come Reading, the library, together with Leadership programme, have continued the club and are currently working with an incredible twenty-five students who wish to pursue a LAMDA public speaking qualification next year.

Students play games that improve their speaking skills and allow them to grow confidence in their ability to speak in front of their peers and articulate their thoughts.

Strictly Come Public Speaking is currently held on Tuesdays after school, and Friday lunches for those girls who cannot make after school clubs.

Student led assembly.png

One Hundred Amazing Women

Helping our students develop a wider understanding of History, the Arts and Innovation, we are looking at the top one hundred amazing women who have influenced culture and science around the world.

This is an opportunity to shine some light on some of the less well-known female figures that have been lost in time. Students are invited to take part in a competition to name and highlight an amazing woman who has inspired them!

Coming Up in Term Four

Exciting initiatives are coming for the library in Term Four and beyond for girls to keep an eye out for!

The library is now a fantastic working space, having been completely revamped in the last year, the latest change being a whole set of new computers and desks for the students to use, both in lessons and in their free time. We are bringing in fresh resources, new competitions and inspiring displays, all to create a working environment that is stimulating, functional and educational.

Making an Impact in Cross Country

Congratulations to Sophie, Katie and Abigail for their very successful performances at the Kent Schools Cross Country Championships which took place in Dover on Saturday 19th January.

Abigail was placed 17th in the Junior girls’ event with a time of 12.02mins. Katie was the first Medway runner home in the Intermediate Girls category, gaining 11th place overall with a time of 15.02mins. Sophie was the second Medway runner home in the same category, placing 15th overall with a time of 15.37mins.

Both Katie and Sophie have been selected to represent Kent Schools at the South East schools Inter Cross Country championships in Basingstoke. We wish you both lots of luck for this.

What is UKAT Sixth Form Really Like?

One of our current Sixth Form students has been offered a conditional offer to study History at Cambridge University. This is Lauren’s personal perspective of why she chose our UKAT Sixth Form.

‘Sixth Form is very different to a student’s previous experience of school, and this is what makes it so enjoyable. Students really embrace adulthood within Sixth Form.

The experience of Sixth Form is greatly defined by what options you take; students are able to choose what they would like to study, and can embrace their own way of learning. Increased control of your own education is critical in developing an interest and engagement in studies. I chose to do History at A level, and the increased freedom of Sixth Form means I can choose how I want to study. This lack of restriction allowed my love of History to grow and, recently, I chose to do it at university.

Sixth Form definitely equipped me with the will to study by myself, to propel forward my own learning to the point where I feel I can thrive in university. Although the material is much harder than GCSEs, my mindset towards studying is much more focused. The material is also far more detailed than at GCSEs, but you begin to feel as if you truly understand a topic.’

Congratulations Lauren – your hard work has paid off.

Visit our Sixth Form page for more information about the courses we offer in Sixth Form.

Year 7 ‘Quest Project’ with the University of Kent

Over twelve weekly sessions, students from Chatham Grammar School for Girls have worked on creating their own quest stories. Students explored all the basic elements of storytelling and each week have been delighted and surprised by the inventiveness of their writing.

Students have also been experimenting with form and drawing on diverse resources, from social media to the book club style reading of Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas. Whole worlds have been developed for their unruly characters to inhabit, and many of these places come with portals to other coexisting realms.

Students created a whole armoury of inventive objects that their fearless lead characters use and no quest would be complete without a sidekick. These stories often foreground the importance of families and friendship; through the fantastical, the drily mundane, the canine, and through all manner of extreme weathers…

We hope you enjoy the anthology that will be available from 14th February, and that these extracts will expand into the full-blown novels they deserve to be!

Bob Henderson

Ambassador for the University of Kent

Swimming for the Mini-Youth Games

Maddie (Year 8) wrote:

‘On Thursday 17th January I was lucky enough to be given the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Swimming Mini Youth Games.

My club, Black Lion, looks for talent among the younger age swimmers. I worked with three other secondary students, who are also my teammates. Our role is to help make sure the swimming youth games are successful.

Forty-seven primary school teams turned up, and each school had eight eager swimmers that were year 4 and above. It was great to see my old primary school involved.

The events in which these students participated in were 25 metres Butterfly, 25 metres Backstroke, 25 metres Breaststroke and 25 metres Freestyle. Also, at the end there were two relays that the schools entered, and they were a medley relay (a team of four swimmers, each swimmer had to do a different stroke. The first swimmer would swim Backstroke, the second swimmer would swim Breaststroke, the third swimmer would swim butterfly and the final swimmer would swim freestyle) and there was also a simple freestyle relay.

Throughout the day I saw some fantastic swimmers, and everyone was trying really hard and was reaching the best of their individual abilities. At the beginning of the day every school had to warm up, so I decided to offer my knowledge and help and asked my primary school (Twydall) whether they wanted some help and advice. They were all eager to listen so I explained to them that during warm up they needed to swim as much as they could to make sure they had increased their heartrate and so they didn’t pull a muscle.

In the morning session I was a stroke judge, my criteria was to deal time penalties if a swimmer did something incorrect. In the afternoon I changed positions and was a timekeeper of lane 1. This meant

that I had to start my stopwatch on the starting signal and end my stopwatch when the swimmer reached and touched the wall.

It was a long and tiring day, but the swimmers were all very well behaved and supportive to their fellow team members. At the end of the day the scores were announced and Cliff Woods Primary School were the winners, however they did have a small advantage of almost a whole team of club swimmers.’

I'm a Scientist, get me out of here

As part of gaining further knowledge and understanding of projects in the wider community linked to Computer Science a group of Year 9 students are completing a 2 hour session with ‘I’m a Scientist, get me out of here’, which involves, asking questions, live chat and voting for their chosen Scientist and their projects:


William – Researcher in Climate – Using Virtual Reality flooding protection in Minecraft

Silvia – Using neutrons to look at hydrogen bonds in liquids – Wanting to buy an inflatable planetarium and use to go around schools with a movie called “Molecularium”

Scott – Microbiologist  - Wants to spread the knowledge of bacteria

Oliver – Computer Scientist investigating how the oceans and marine life change because of global warming – He wants to make music, which will help students learn about climate change

Natalie –PHD Scientist researching how to treat drinking water better – wants to use the money to fund that next science festival to make sure it is free for school children to come along to.

Michelle – PHD Scientist in microbiology - will use the money for a hands on STEM activity for inner city children so they gain more access to science.

Lowri – Computer programmer – wants to use the money to teach children about marine life and issues.

Year 9 student

We are taking part in a STEM project where we meet scientists as they are doing projects relating to water. The scientists are called Scott, Silvia, Michelle, William, Oliver, Natalie and Lowri. We had the opportunity to ask them questions regarding their projects and their future goals. We will also take part in a Live Chat where they will answer our questions and we can ask more.

I asked each Scientist two questions so I could find out more about their projects. An example of this would be that I asked Oliver how his climate change music would affect the children’s lives and how they would remember it. This chance allows us to find out how the scientists are aiming to do this and perhaps see if it would be something that we would want to do later in life.

My personal favourite is Michelle. She is aiming to organise a hands-on STEM activity for inner city children that do not get a lot of science exposure. I think this is good because then children will have the opportunity to branch into every field and see what they might want to do later on in life. We also get to know them on a personal level and we can see that she is a very caring person who wants to make a difference.

I think that this will help me see if I would perhaps like to be a scientist in my future life. I can see what they are thinking and decide if that will be my aim in life too. I also think Michelle’s goal could spread to other parts of the UK to give other students opportunities.

For more information relating to “I’ m a Scientist, get me out of here” please follow the link below:

Year 11 Study Café Launch

On 16th January 2019 the Year 11 Study Café was launched with resounding success!

Located in the Sixth Form Common room, the café is a focused learning environment (with mountains of hot chocolate and biscuits available!) designed to support Year 11 students with their independent work and revision as they prepare for their important GCSE exams.

The café is open from 3.00pm and its popularity has grown with each week with fifty-six students attending the first session, and that number rising to over seventy by the fourth week of the café.

It has been incredible to see so many of our young people prioritising their learning, with one student even announcing that ‘Study Café is the best part of the week!’

With students working hard, it is only fair they are rewarded and so each student has been collecting stamps on a loyalty card to earn themselves treats as they attend more and more sessions. We are so proud of the environment our students have created through their dedication, passion and commitment to their futures.

CGSG with Street Photography Rochester

Street Photography Rochester is planning to work alongside students from Delce Academy and Chatham Grammar School for Girls to change perceptions of Rochester.

This will be done by interactive photo walks which will build in technique and create a foundation of photography skills. Photography has the potential to improve mental health, raise aspirations, increase confidence and provide transferable skills to the wider world, as well as help people to love where they live and feel more positive about their community.

After the students have completed the course, an exhibition of the photographs will be organised in conjunction with Little Roc Cafe and Gallery. This exhibition will also be open to the public to view, to which parents and carers are welcome.

There are also plans to show a short documentary film of the project, through collaboration with Rochester Film Society. This project will take place next Spring.

Crowdfunding link:

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award 2018/19 Now Recruiting!

Have you got what it takes?

Chatham Grammar School for Girls would like to start offering the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award to students who have completed their Bronze Award and to Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are new to the Duke of Edinburgh Programme. No previous experience is necessary, we’ll train you!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is the world’s leading achievement award for young people, and is highly regarded by Universities, Colleges and Employers. It encourages young people to develop independence, commitment, leadership and teamwork through being involved in a personalised programme of activities.

You can find out more about the DofE Silver Award at CGSG on our DofE page:

or alternatively the Duke of Edinburgh Award website also has more details on the Award, and what each section involves:


  • Registration fee £30

  • Practice Expedition - £70

  • Assessed Expedition - £70

  • Kit Hire Fee (If kit is required) - £10 per expedition

  • Kit Hire Refundable Deposit (If kit is required) - £50 per expedition

A registration fee of £30 goes to enroll your child on the DofE Award. They will receive a Welcome Pack to complete and an electronic place on the eDofE system, along with a badge and certificate on completion of the DofE Programme, which is normally presented at Rochester Cathedral during our celebratory presentation evening.

Each Expedition on the Silver Award costs £70. This pays for the campsites, staff and admin for the weekend ventures. There will be two ventures as part of their Programme.

Expedition Dates for 2019

  • Silver Practice Expedition Thursday 2nd – Saturday 4th May 2019

  • Silver Assessed Expedition Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th May 2019

You will receive further details on the Expeditions closer to the time.


We now have a Duke of Edinburgh Twitter page which we use to post student and parent/carer news in addition to all of our usual platforms. You can follow us on @cgsg_dofe

The deadline for applicants on to the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award is Thursday 31st January 2019. If this is something that you would be interested in please see Miss Newington in L2 or alternativly you can sign up on

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate the DofE team at any time at

The Medway Sports Award 2018

The Medway Sports Awards 2018 shines a light on the achievements of Medway's finest sportsmen and women from clubs, teams and individuals to coaches, volunteers and teachers.

Gold, silver and bronze award winners were announced at the gala awards evening at MidKent College on Friday 14 December 2018.

Chatham Grammar School for Girls were amongst the nominees for the Best Secondary School PE Department of the Year category and fantastically were awarded the 2nd place silver award!

Mr Denness, head of PE and Mrs Burbridge were there to collect the amazing award.

Sponsors were very impressed with both teacher’s application within PE and the impact that they have made in just one year!

A big congratulations!

Online Safety and Bullying Performance

At Chatham Grammar School for Girls we take online safety and bullying seriously.

On Thursday 14th December 2018 we were very pleased to invite in a performance company, The Prime Agency, who ran an exciting educational roadshow all about bullying and online safety.

Year 7, 8 and all Online Safety ambassadors enjoyed the performance and were given really informative and relevant information around the topics of online safety and bullying. Students also enjoyed some live singing performances and were encouraged to join in with a range of question and answer sections to the show.

Strictly Come Reading Competition

Chatham Grammar School for Girls has just hosted its first Strictly Come Reading competition, and its success was so great it is now guaranteed to be an annual event!

This competition is a chance for students to enhance their reading and performance skills.

Hosted in the hall, the event offers students an opportunity to push themselves - and their expectations of themselves - on stage in front of the entirety of year 7 and 8 and a panel of judges, encouraging them to overcome fears of public performance.

The library’s aim in this competition is, of course, to encourage confident reading, but also to improve public speaking, and the faith in one’s own voice, teaching skills that will outlast many years at school and beyond into further education and employment – something very much needed for our young women.

Stepping onto the stage this year were eleven competitors, of whom emerged three victors, eager to claim the trophies – Naomi, year 8, 1st place; Hannah, year 8, 2nd place; and Maddison, year 8, 3rd place. Naomi claimed first prize with a fantastically unique rendition of the poem “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, wowing our three judges and the audience. The remaining competitors all did astonishingly well, and were so proud of themselves for getting up on stage and performing through their nerves!

Examination Certificates

Dear Student

Re: Examination Certificates

The certificates for examinations taken during the Summer 2018 season are available for collection from the school’s Main Reception. 

You will be asked to sign and date an acknowledgement sheet to confirm receipt of your certificate(s).

If you cannot collect these in person, you can authorise someone else to collect them on your behalf but they must have a letter from you giving us permission, to release your certificates to them. 

Certificates will be kept at the school for one year only.  After this time they will be destroyed.

Please check the details on your certificate(s) are correct.  If there are any errors you should return the certificate to Mrs Nevin immediately with a letter detailing what changes need to be made.  Corrections will not be possible unless the original certificate is returned. 

Your certificates are important documents which need to be kept safe.  If you lose your certificates you will have to pay for replacements from the Examination Board. 

Yours sincerely

 Mrs S Nevin

Exams Officer