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Paris Trip Account

During the first evening of our trip we visited Montparnasse Tower, which was a short walk from our hostel. The height was overwhelming but the view from the top was stunning, and we all really enjoyed it. We could see a lot of famous French buildings from the top, such as the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower (which lit up every hour)

Paris 2.jpg

We spent the second day in Paris with our ambassadors from the University of Kent, who gave us a tour of the city. We tried French cuisine, walked down by the river Seine and saw the Notre Dame, and overall it was a calm but amazing day. The river was beautiful in the sunny weather we had, and the historic buildings around it added to the breath-taking view. We also visited la musée de l’Orangerie in the morning and were given a quiz to complete as we walked around. Some of the paintings there were extremely pretty and some were just really quirky, and it was an interesting visit for all of us.

During the third day we went to a French market place via the Metro, and I really enjoyed it there. There were dozens of stalls all trying to sell their products, and it was a busy but exciting atmosphere. We then visited a local shopping centre in Paris, and although it took a while to get there it was definitely worth the journey. There were quite a few shops to look round so most of us ended up spending our euros! That same evening the hostel was holding a disco for those staying there, so most of us joined in. It ended up being really fun and overall a great night.

On our fourth day in Paris we went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch before we left for England. We all tried something new there and most of us ended up really liking it… some people even tried snails! After collecting our bags from the hostel and travelling to the station by the Metro, we arrived at the Eurostar. Due to delays we had a long wait, although we managed to keep ourselves entertained most of the time. By the time we arrived back in England we were exhausted from our busy trip, and I think we can all agree that it was an unforgettable experience!

Year 11 Study Café

Monday 25th February 2019

On 16th January 2019 the Year 11 Study Café was launched with resounding success!

Located in the Sixth Form Common room, the café is a focused learning environment (with mountains of hot chocolate and biscuits available!) designed to support Year 11 students with their independent work and revision as they prepare for their important GCSE exams.

The café is open from 3.00pm and its popularity has grown with each week with fifty-six students attending the first session, and that number rising to over seventy by the fourth week of the café.

It has been incredible to see so many of our young people prioritising their learning, with one student even announcing that ‘Study Café is the best part of the week!’

With students working hard, it is only fair they are rewarded and so each student has been collecting stamps on a loyalty card to earn themselves treats as they attend more and more sessions. We are so proud of the environment our students have created through their dedication, passion and commitment to their futures.

UKAT Christmas Concert

Wednesday 19th December 2018

We finished the term with our annual visit to the local church for a festive carol concert. The concert was led by CGSG choir and there were also some fantastic solo performances and speakers. All students attended the concert and it gave a real festive end to the year! The church was filled with the sounds of CGSG students singing some festive songs together and all year groups coming together to celebrate in this way was really special. CGSG work closely with Father Anthony from the church and hope to work on more projects this coming year.

Medway Sports Award 2018


Friday 14th December 2018

The Medway Sports Awards 2018 shines a light on the achievements of Medway's finest sportsmen and women from clubs, teams and individuals to coaches, volunteers and teachers.

Gold, silver and bronze award winners were announced at the gala awards evening at MidKent College on Friday 14 December 2018.

Chatham Grammar School for Girls were amongst the nominees for the Best Secondary School PE Department of the Year category and fantastically were awarded the 2nd place silver award!

Mr Denness, head of PE and Mrs Burbridge were there to collect the amazing award.

Sponsors were very impressed with both teacher’s application within PE and the impact that they have made in just one year!

A big congratulations!

Online Safety and Bullying Performance


Thursday 14th December 2018

At Chatham Grammar School for Girls we take online safety and bullying seriously.

We were very pleased to invite in a performance company, The Prime Agency, who ran an exciting educational roadshow all about bullying and online safety.

Year 7, 8 and all Online Safety ambassadors enjoyed the performance and were given really informative and relevant information around the topics of online safety and bullying. Students also enjoyed some live singing performances and were encouraged to join in with a range of question and answer sections to the show.

Strictly Come Reading Competition


Feature 2

Tuesday 11th December 2018

Chatham Grammar School for Girls has just hosted its first Strictly Come Reading competition, and its success was so great it is now guaranteed to be an annual event!

This competition is a chance for students to enhance their reading and performance skills.

Hosted in the hall, the event offers students an opportunity to push themselves - and their expectations of themselves - on stage in front of the entirety of year 7 and 8 and a panel of judges, encouraging them to overcome fears of public performance.

The library’s aim in this competition is, of course, to encourage confident reading, but also to improve public speaking, and the faith in one’s own voice, teaching skills that will outlast many years at school and beyond into further education and employment – something very much needed for our young women.

Stepping onto the stage this year were eleven competitors, of whom emerged three victors, eager to claim the trophies – Naomi, year 8, 1st place; Hannah, year 8, 2nd place; and Maddison, year 8, 3rd place. Naomi claimed first prize with a fantastically unique rendition of the poem “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, wowing our three judges and the audience. The remaining competitors all did astonishingly well, and were so proud of themselves for getting up on stage and performing through their nerves!


CGSG Choir Singing Carols at Medway Hospital


Feature 1

Friday 7th December 2018

Chatham Grammar Choir were invited to perform at Medway Hospital’s Christmas Fair that took place on Friday 7th December.

Patients, visitors, staff and local residents really enjoyed the live performance and the variety of Christmas songs they performed really got everyone in the festive spirit.

The Mayor of Medway commented on how talented the girls were, that they were a credit to the school and asked for an encore.

Due to the girls singing success, they were then asked to sing with the Salvation Army Band and lead the carols at the official Christmas tree light switch on. Even though this was unexpected, the girls handled this with great professionalism.

We have been invited back next year, and hope to take part in other events with Medway Hospital throughout the year.

Year 8 Student wrote:

What an amazing experience it was to sing with my school Choir this afternoon at Hempstead Valley.

It was a great opportunity to raise money for children at Demelza Hospice. We sang many Christmas carols but overall my favourite one was Jingle Bell Rock because we all sang it most confidently. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces as people stopped to see us and listen to our singing. I really hope the money we raised will help children and their families in need.

I’m excited for Friday to show our amazing singing at Medway Hospital to cheer up patients and visitors.


Woman in Black Theatre Trip


Tuesday 4th December 2018

Chatham Grammar School for Girls GCSE Drama students went to watch the Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre in London.

One of the West End’s longest-running plays, The Woman in Black has been terrifying audiences in London since 1989. Based on Susan Hill’s novel of the same name, The Woman in Black tells the story of Arthur Kipps, a solicitor who is sent to the remote town of Crythin Gifford to attend the funeral of a client, during which he sees a mysterious woman dressed in black. He is tasked with sorting his client’s papers, and so visits Eel Marsh House where she used to live. In the play, Kips enlists the assistance of an actor to help tell the unsettling things he witnessed. 

A student review of the performance:

I found the performance really entertaining and scary. It was very effective as it had a small cast of 3 talented actors, two men and one mysterious woman. The play was very simple but the incredible acting allowed the audiences' imagination to come alive.

The set was very minimal but effective as the sparse stage created an old-fashioned eerie atmosphere and the close proximity of the actors to the audience made the audience feel involved in the action.

The fact that it was a play within a play made the audience question reality, the sound effects complimented the action and assisted in creating tension.

Overall all I really enjoyed the play and out trip to London it was a fun day out and has given me lots of ideas of what to write in my theatre review for my GCSE written paper. 


Chatham Grammar Choir Support Demelza House Children’s Hospice


Monday 3rd December 2018

Our Choir were invited to perform at the Demelza Christmas Choir Day at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre.

The girls sang a variety of different Christmas songs and whilst the choir were singing, they held a bucket collection to raise money for Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

Shoppers commented about how great they sounded, and how well presented they looked. We have been invited back to sing again next year and hope to raise even more money next time!

Emily (Year 8) wrote:

What an amazing experience it was to sing with my school Choir this afternoon at Hempstead Valley. It was a great opportunity to raise money for children at Demelza Hospice. We sang many Christmas carols but overall my favourite one was Jingle Bell Rock because we all sang it very confidently. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces as people stopped to see us and listen to our singing. I really hope the money we raised will help children and their families in need. I’m excited for Friday to show our amazing singing at Medway Hospital to cheer up patients and visitors.


Secondary School Games Handball Competiton


Feature 3

Thursday 29th November 2018

We have incorporated handball into core PE, GCSE PE and run a successful after school club on a Wednesday evening.

Thursday 29th November, 2 teams headed to Medway Park for the annual Secondary School Games Handball Competition which had a total of 39 teams, 390 participants and 127 games.

We had a fantastic day with fantastic results. The year 7 and 8 team won every game they played and beat Rainham Mark in the play offs. They received gold medals, a trophy and have been invited to represent Medway in the Kent Finals in February.

The year 9 and 10 team won 6 out of 8 games and were very surprised (and excited) when they were told that they came 3rd in the presentation and all received bronze medals. 

Rotary Youth Speaks Competition


Friday 23rd November 2018

Well done to our fantastic Year 7 students, Oludolapo and Victoria for representing Chatham Grammar School for Girls in this year’s ‘Rotary Youth Speaks’ public speaking competition. 

Oludolapo and Victoria impressed both the audience and the judges with their confident, articulate and well-researched speeches on ‘Generational Shaming’ and ‘Do we require money for society to function successfully?

With Victoria claiming the runner up award in her age category. Well Done!

CCF Honours Remembrance Sunday


Sunday 11th November 2018

On a very cold, damp and windy day, sixty cadets from Chatham Grammar School for Girls Combined Cadet Force readied themselves, under the Contingent Commander and fellow instructors, for the Remembrance Parade.

Berets adjusted, belts tightened and poppies fitted, formed in three ranks the cadets marched smartly down to the Gillingham War Memorial where they took up their place amongst fellow cadet units representing the RAF, Navy, Scouts and the Regular Army.

Evelyn and Charlotte from Chatham Grammar School for Girls were our chosen wreath layers who had went through an intense drill competition to get the honour! We marched to St Mark’s Church along Gillingham High Street to lines of applause from the public and proud parent/carers who turned out to support their children. A great service concluded the day. It is always a great honour to be able to represent the University of Kent Academies Trust on such a great occasion.