Medway Test - Mindfulness

September is right around the corner and so is the Medway 11+ test. In this stressful time for students as well as parents and carers, we want to support you. With a few spots left on our last Mindfulness sessions before the test, all you need to do is pick a date and contact Ginny at or you can phone Ginny on 01634 583549 to book your place! Free of charge and individual sessions not only for students, but also for parents and carers. Dates & details can be found in the first picture below.

Buy how can Mindfulness help you and your children manage your stress to enhance your health + wellbeing? Earlier this summer, we asked Angela Daly, CGSG's summer Mindfulness sessions instructor, to answer some questions that we thought would answer yours. Find out more about Mindfulness in the pictures below!