Swimming for the Mini-Youth Games

Maddie (Year 8) wrote:

‘On Thursday 17th January I was lucky enough to be given the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Swimming Mini Youth Games.

My club, Black Lion, looks for talent among the younger age swimmers. I worked with three other secondary students, who are also my teammates. Our role is to help make sure the swimming youth games are successful.

Forty-seven primary school teams turned up, and each school had eight eager swimmers that were year 4 and above. It was great to see my old primary school involved.

The events in which these students participated in were 25 metres Butterfly, 25 metres Backstroke, 25 metres Breaststroke and 25 metres Freestyle. Also, at the end there were two relays that the schools entered, and they were a medley relay (a team of four swimmers, each swimmer had to do a different stroke. The first swimmer would swim Backstroke, the second swimmer would swim Breaststroke, the third swimmer would swim butterfly and the final swimmer would swim freestyle) and there was also a simple freestyle relay.

Throughout the day I saw some fantastic swimmers, and everyone was trying really hard and was reaching the best of their individual abilities. At the beginning of the day every school had to warm up, so I decided to offer my knowledge and help and asked my primary school (Twydall) whether they wanted some help and advice. They were all eager to listen so I explained to them that during warm up they needed to swim as much as they could to make sure they had increased their heartrate and so they didn’t pull a muscle.

In the morning session I was a stroke judge, my criteria was to deal time penalties if a swimmer did something incorrect. In the afternoon I changed positions and was a timekeeper of lane 1. This meant

that I had to start my stopwatch on the starting signal and end my stopwatch when the swimmer reached and touched the wall.

It was a long and tiring day, but the swimmers were all very well behaved and supportive to their fellow team members. At the end of the day the scores were announced and Cliff Woods Primary School were the winners, however they did have a small advantage of almost a whole team of club swimmers.’