Year 7 ‘Quest Project’

Over twelve weekly sessions, students from Chatham Grammar School for Girls have worked on creating their own quest stories. Students explored all the basic elements of storytelling and each week have been delighted and surprised by the inventiveness of their writing.

Students have also been experimenting with form and drawing on diverse resources, from social media to the book club style reading of Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas. Whole worlds have been developed for their unruly characters to inhabit, and many of these places come with portals to other coexisting realms.

Students created a whole armoury of inventive objects that their fearless lead characters use and no quest would be complete without a sidekick. These stories often foreground the importance of families and friendship; through the fantastical, the drily mundane, the canine, and through all manner of extreme weathers…

We hope you enjoy the anthology that will be available from 14th February, and that these extracts will expand into the full-blown novels they deserve to be!

Bob Henderson

Ambassador for the University of Kent