Activities Going on in Your Library

Chatham Grammar’s library hit the ground running with an exciting start to 2019.


The Love-Athlon!

Students competed for three prizes in this year’s three-part Valentine’s challenge – ‘The Lovers’ Quiz’, ‘The Word Search for Love’, and a ‘Match the Literary Lovers’ test. It proved to be both lots of fun and a way for students to improve their research and communication skills, as well as bringing out that competitive spirit as they vied for the prizes!

Creative Writing Club

Students involved in Creative Writing Club have produced some really creative pieces this term, comprising of unique poems, blurb alternatives for well-known books, and short stories. Hannah, Year 8, won the Christmas Creative Writing competition with a wonderful entry about living in the present to define one’s future. Next term we will be working on illustrations to accompany students’ stories which will be compiled into a book for display in the library.

Creative Writing Club is currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays after school.


Student-led Assembly

A huge congratulations to Annabelle, our fantastic Year 7 student who delivered a confident and articulate speech about bullying and mental health during an assembly this term.

Annabelle presented her thought provoking speech to Years 7 – 11, show casing her impressive public speaking and leadership skills to the whole school. Well done!

Strictly Come Public Speaking Club

After the roaring success of the Christmas event Strictly Come Reading, the library, together with Leadership programme, have continued the club and are currently working with an incredible twenty-five students who wish to pursue a LAMDA public speaking qualification next year.

Students play games that improve their speaking skills and allow them to grow confidence in their ability to speak in front of their peers and articulate their thoughts.

Strictly Come Public Speaking is currently held on Tuesdays after school, and Friday lunches for those girls who cannot make after school clubs.

Student led assembly.png

One Hundred Amazing Women

Helping our students develop a wider understanding of History, the Arts and Innovation, we are looking at the top one hundred amazing women who have influenced culture and science around the world.

This is an opportunity to shine some light on some of the less well-known female figures that have been lost in time. Students are invited to take part in a competition to name and highlight an amazing woman who has inspired them!

Coming Up in Term Four

Exciting initiatives are coming for the library in Term Four and beyond for girls to keep an eye out for!

The library is now a fantastic working space, having been completely revamped in the last year, the latest change being a whole set of new computers and desks for the students to use, both in lessons and in their free time. We are bringing in fresh resources, new competitions and inspiring displays, all to create a working environment that is stimulating, functional and educational.