What is Sixth Form Really Like?

One of our current Sixth Form students has been offered a conditional offer to study History at Cambridge University. This is Lauren’s personal perspective of why she chose our UKAT Sixth Form.

‘Sixth Form is very different to a student’s previous experience of school, and this is what makes it so enjoyable. Students really embrace adulthood within Sixth Form.

The experience of Sixth Form is greatly defined by what options you take; students are able to choose what they would like to study, and can embrace their own way of learning. Increased control of your own education is critical in developing an interest and engagement in studies. I chose to do History at A level, and the increased freedom of Sixth Form means I can choose how I want to study. This lack of restriction allowed my love of History to grow and, recently, I chose to do it at university.

Sixth Form definitely equipped me with the will to study by myself, to propel forward my own learning to the point where I feel I can thrive in university. Although the material is much harder than GCSEs, my mindset towards studying is much more focused. The material is also far more detailed than at GCSEs, but you begin to feel as if you truly understand a topic.’

Congratulations Lauren – your hard work has paid off.

Visit our Sixth Form page for more information about the courses we offer in Sixth Form.