I'm a Scientist, get me out of here

As part of gaining further knowledge and understanding of projects in the wider community linked to Computer Science a group of Year 9 students are completing a 2 hour session with ‘I’m a Scientist, get me out of here’, which involves, asking questions, live chat and voting for their chosen Scientist and their projects:


William – Researcher in Climate – Using Virtual Reality flooding protection in Minecraft

Silvia – Using neutrons to look at hydrogen bonds in liquids – Wanting to buy an inflatable planetarium and use to go around schools with a movie called “Molecularium”

Scott – Microbiologist  - Wants to spread the knowledge of bacteria

Oliver – Computer Scientist investigating how the oceans and marine life change because of global warming – He wants to make music, which will help students learn about climate change

Natalie –PHD Scientist researching how to treat drinking water better – wants to use the money to fund that next science festival to make sure it is free for school children to come along to.

Michelle – PHD Scientist in microbiology - will use the money for a hands on STEM activity for inner city children so they gain more access to science.

Lowri – Computer programmer – wants to use the money to teach children about marine life and issues.

Year 9 student

We are taking part in a STEM project where we meet scientists as they are doing projects relating to water. The scientists are called Scott, Silvia, Michelle, William, Oliver, Natalie and Lowri. We had the opportunity to ask them questions regarding their projects and their future goals. We will also take part in a Live Chat where they will answer our questions and we can ask more.

I asked each Scientist two questions so I could find out more about their projects. An example of this would be that I asked Oliver how his climate change music would affect the children’s lives and how they would remember it. This chance allows us to find out how the scientists are aiming to do this and perhaps see if it would be something that we would want to do later in life.

My personal favourite is Michelle. She is aiming to organise a hands-on STEM activity for inner city children that do not get a lot of science exposure. I think this is good because then children will have the opportunity to branch into every field and see what they might want to do later on in life. We also get to know them on a personal level and we can see that she is a very caring person who wants to make a difference.

I think that this will help me see if I would perhaps like to be a scientist in my future life. I can see what they are thinking and decide if that will be my aim in life too. I also think Michelle’s goal could spread to other parts of the UK to give other students opportunities.

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