DofE Bronze Award

Our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award participants completed their practice training session and then their assessed expedition at the end of last term. This included a practice walk around Bluebell Hill, learning First Aid, the Country Code, tent pitching and cooking on trangias during the first week, followed by a two day expedition using their new skills the week after.

This was a joint UKAT DofE expedition with a record sixty-one students from CGSG, and we are extremely proud of all the students who passed their Bronze expedition. This term and next we will be seeing the presentations from the groups and signing off their volunteering, skills and physical sections.

Lucy Year 9 writes:

‘Our DofE group had an amazing and inspirational time. From the beginning we set off in good spirits, walking through fields and up hills with everyone supporting each other as we arrived at the checkpoints along the way. But then we took an accidental detour and met an amazing dog named Daisy! We finally found Miss Newington and had a water refill. We continued for another couple of hours walking through the fields and helping each other through the tougher times. We used the technique of ‘don’t stop singing’ and it worked amazingly.

Then it was everyone’s favourite time, lunch time! We found a beautiful orchard field to sit and have our pack-ups for the day, waited for half an hour and set off again. A couple of hours later, we reached the campsite, it was freezing and started to rain, but we continued to sing! We got first pick of the camp site and pitched our tents before it started to tip it down! Then we proceeded to hide in our tents and play card games while we waited for the rain to stop.

Finally, the time had come to brace the weather and go out to cook. Bella and I had hot dogs while Niamh, MJ and Lauren had carbonara. It was a surprisingly good meal! Then it was time to go to sleep ready for the next day. We had a very good sleep. In the morning, we were up early at 6:30am and began to get ready. We had pancakes and porridge for breakfast which prepared us for the day. We set off on our journey, but once again we almost immediately ran into an issue which led to a one-hour detour, but we later managed to make up this time. We persevered with the support of our group and got through the rest of the hike without any further problems. We had our pack-up lunch and a quick power nap before completing our expedition. DofE has taught us all many valuable skills including teamwork, communication, time management, organisation, but most importantly perseverance. We struggled at times, but in the end we’ve come out with an amazing achievement that we will cherish forever.