Celebrating Culture

Keona and Soso Year 7 write:

‘In Tutor Time, we were given a task to prepare a presentation about ethnic minorities, and we used our initiative to make it our own. We decided that we wanted to bring our own culture/backgrounds- Ghana, Nigeria and Jamaica into the presentation to make it more interesting.

We came to the decision that we should do a food tasting activity! We wanted to keep it as a surprise for our class, so we didn’t tell anyone.

The day of the project we were so excited!!

We brought in jollof rice, plantain, BBQ chicken and puff puff. 97% of the class liked it, which we really appreciated. Some even asked for more!

“I really enjoyed it especially the banana thing (plantain)” said Erin”.

This project allowed us to become closer to our peers, and encouraged us to be more confident in sharing our ideas. Thank you Miss Furnell for giving us this opportunity.’