Royal Engineers Open Day

The Royal School of Military Engineering at Brompton Barracks opened up it’s doors to over two hundred cadets from all over the South East of England. The day was organised to display their core skills by means of demonstration and interaction through the trades.

Our cadets were very excited about the day’s events. After a briefing from the Commanding Officer we were paired with Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar and made our way to the first stand – Bricklaying! We were put into teams of four, and shown how to build a square with mini-bricks. The students were amazing and our team led by Varinder won! Students also conducted electrical tests and even operated a JCB. The main event was rowing whilst playing Fox, Chicken and Seed. Unfortunately, their rowing skills were not that of a well drilled team of marines!

After learning about bomb disposal and playing with the search dogs, it was time to call it a day. The cadets had a wonderful time and can’t wait for their next trip to Lydd for adventure training.

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