Cadets Summer Camp


On a sunny, summer Sunday, 50 cadets from both Brompton Academy and Chatham Girls Grammar arrived at Crowborough Camp, Tunbridge Wells for their long awaited Summer Camp!

For the majority of the cadets this was their first or second camp, however for some of our seniors it was their fourth or fifth!

The CCF have learnt so much in the time they have had, resilience, confidence, values & standards and leadership are just some of the key traits  - skills we take for granted, such as swimming or riding a bike, some cadets didn’t have until this camp. Now they can or more so have the confidence to try. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a young person achieve.

The cadets were treated to an amazing experience of which they all thoroughly enjoyed, physically tested on the obstacle course and the constant movement through the day of moving between stands. Mentally they were tested, STEM tasks, command tasks and just remembering all they have been taught, especially with the safety procedures for weapon handling.

The week ended on Friday with a competition day to confirm all the new skills that had been taught. The main event was the drill competition of which both schools were amazing! Both Brompton and CGSG made us so proud as they won several medals – Archery and second and third place in the 25m shoot!