Year 7

Term One:  Introduction to Spanish. Greetings, Numbers & Birthdays

Term Two:  Family, pets & descriptions


Year 8

Term One:  Revision & Consolidation from year 1 & Free time activities (present tense conjugation)

Term Two:  Food, meals

Term Three:  Describing a date (past tense) & talking about future plans

Term Four:  Clothes and school uniform

Term Five:  Describing holidays in the past

Term Six:  Healthy living


 Year 9

Term One:  Grammar Workshop & Revision

Term Two:  Holiday preferences – using preterite & introduction of imperfect tense.

Term Three:  School

Term Four:  My people – Socialising and family

Term Five:  Hobbies and interests

Term Six:  Inspiring people & Positive and negative role Models


 Year 10

Term One:  Local areal and towns

Term Two:  Comparing towns and cities to those in Spanish speaking countries

Term Three:  Own food and traditions

Term Four:  Case study on Hispanic customs and traditions

Term Five:  Future plans & Employment

Term Six:  Study of a Spanish film


 Year 11

Term One:  Global issues

Term Two:  Writing & grammar workshop

Term Three:  Speaking workshop

Term Four:  Exam technique & practice

Term Five:  Exam technique & practice


Spanish specification:


A Level Spanish Year 1

Term One:  Traditional & Modern values

Term Two:  Cyber Space

Term Three:  Equal rights in Spanish society

Term Four:  The influence of idols

Term Five:  Spain’s regional identity

Term Six:  Spain’s cultural heritage


A Level Spanish Year 2

Term One:  Immigration

Term Two:  Racism

Term Three:  Integration

Term Four:  Young people today

Term Five:  Monarchies and dictatorships

Term Six:  Social & popular movements


AQA Specification: