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Dear Students

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A noble Quest in Chatham


Our QUEST with Year 7 students at Chatham Grammar School for Girls has got off to a fantastic start – the students have been reading Quest stories, trying out a range of writing techniques, and planning their own quest stories. We can’t wait to read more of their writing in the new year. But I’ll let them tell you about it in their own words . . . .

‘We have done exercises which improve our writing. I really like the fact that you can do creative writing and you can let your imagination run wild and think of brilliant stories and ideas, and that the teachers give helpful advice and they make the exercises fun.’ – Shakira

‘I’ve learnt how to write things off the top of my head.’ – Brooke

‘In this project I have started to think about my story and create magical creatures that came alive in my imagination. I also got to create a wonderful setting that felt so real. This club has helped me develop my writing skills. I love the fabulous environment that the leaders bring every session that makes it so fun. I love Quest club!’ – Grace

‘I loved all the games and stories that I’ve participated in!’ – Victoria

‘In Quest club we have been reading a book called Dragon’s Green to look at themes in Quest Novels. we discuss our favourite books, themes and tropes. I enjoy talking and trying different writing styles.’ – Dolapo

‘I enjoyed doing these challenges and gearing other people’s stories and points of view.’ – Eden

‘I really enjoy Quest club because the ambassadors that runs it really makes it worthwhile. The reason I come is because it is an easy-going, fun club where I also learn to write amazing stories.’ – Shaani

‘The main thing about Quest club is learning how to write stories.’ – Claudia

Upcoming Events for Students

December 2018

Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th December 2018 - RAG Week

We have an exciting range of activities for all students to have the opportunity to enjoy in the last week of term, in order to raise money for The Greg Keating Trust, a charity that is very special to the school.

On Monday, all students will be able to visit our student run Christmas Market stalls at some point during the day. You should bring some change in, if you wish to make any purchases.

On Tuesday it is TAG day, and all students are invited to wear their own clothes with a Christmas theme, either a Christmas jumper, or dress as an Elf, in return for a donation of £1. There will also be the school pantomime, in which many of the teachers will be performing!

On Wednesday, the students will be accompanied to St.Augustine's Church for the school Christmas Carol service.

The school day will finish at 12noon on Wednesday, and we wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas.

And wishing you a Happy New Year, with a return to school on Monday 7th January 2019.