Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

Care of our students is a priority at Chatham Grammar. We know that students must be happy and feel supported if they are going to achieve well.

Our pastoral care system provides continuous support, advice and guidance for all students throughout their time at Chatham Grammar, as well as monitoring their academic progress and personal development. Personal tutors are the key source of support for students from Year 7 upwards. Heads of Year work closely with students and personal tutors. There is support sixth form mentors, online safety ambassadors, personal tutors, heads of year and the safeguarding team. In addition, we have counsellors and availability to the school nursing service where this is needed.

If you have a concern, please contact

Sixth Form Mentors


At Chatham Grammar we have a team of Sixth Form Peer Mentors. They are easily identified by their Peer Mentor lanyards and have received safeguarding and mentor training.

Sixth Form Mentors have learnt how to support with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Friendship difficulties

  • Overcoming fears, such as changing to a new school

  • Primary to secondary transition

  • Lack of confidence and self esteem

Peer mentors have been through an application and interview process prior to their training and have excellent listening, communication and social skills. As well as understanding how to manage relationships, they are aware of the limits of their responsibilities and know when they must consult with an appropriate adult within the school.

Sixth Form Mentors support with small group support as well as individual support with students. To find out more about applying to become a Sixth Form Mentor or to be allocated a Sixth Form Mentor to support you then please email

Online Safety Ambassadors


Chatham Grammar has their own student online safety ambassadors who successfully applied to be a part of the scheme. Following a rigorous application process, students were the given the opportunity to be trained as ambassadors with the Princess Diana Award. Students are equipped to understand issues affecting young people online, to see the positives and negatives of the online world and ways to raise awareness of online safety. Chatham Grammar student ambassadors offer a range of services and support including:

·       Supporting with cyber bullying issues

·       Running assemblies to educate peers on the issues of online safety

·       Offer e-safety drop in sessions

·       Support at whole school events offering information to visitors around the issues of online safety

We have 12 Chatham Grammar ambassadors across a spread of year groups and the team meet frequently to discuss innovative ways they can raise the profile of online safety across the Academy.


Our transition process from primary school to Chatham Grammar makes sure that students feel part of our school community straight away. In terms 5 and 6 of the academic year, senior staff visit prospective students in their primary schools to talk to them and to their staff to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. On the Year 7 Welcome Day in July, all girls spend a day in school to meet their peers and teachers. We have a Welcome Evening in late September in term 1 to enable students to introduce their parents to their personal tutors and to ensure that they are settling well.

This year we are running a two day transition programme alongside the University of Kent for all new Year 7 students in September. Students will take part in an exciting two day project based around STEM workshops aimed to develop confidence, resilience and independent thinking.

In the Sixth Form, transition from Year 11 is managed through our Induction Programme in July, when students are able to experience life in Year 12 and begin their subject studies.

Child Protection

For any immediate safeguarding concerns please contact our email address below. This email address is checked frequently by our Chatham Grammar Safeguarding Team.