School Uniform

  • Chatham Grammar navy blazer with braiding and embroidered logo

  • Chatham Grammar navy tank top or jumper with twin neck stripe

  • Chatham Grammar navy business style straight skirt or trousers, both with small logo

  • Chatham Grammar white reverse collar blouse (can be purchased from Uniformbase or high street retailer)

  • Sensible black shoes (no trainers, heels, open toes or similar)

  • Black or white knee length socks (no ankle socks) or plain black tights (no fashion tights)

  • Chatham Grammar navy backpack

 PE Kit

  • Chatham Grammar navy polo PE shirt (compulsory item)

  • Chatham Grammar navy skort with small logo (compulsory item)

  • Chatham Grammar navy leggings with small logo (compulsory item)

  • Chatham Grammar training PE zip top with small logo (compulsory item)

  • Chatham Grammar navy shorts with small logo (optional item)

  • Chatham Grammar navy tracksuit bottoms with small logo (optional item)

  • No make-up

  • No nail varnish or artificial nails are allowed

  • Hair must be a natural colour, no dip-dyed hair or bright colours or unusual hairstyles are permitted

  • No jewellery, other than a wrist watch or items worn for religious observance, may be worn

  • Coats are permitted, but hoodies, zipped-up jumpers and non-uniform jumpers are not allowed.

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11 Railway Street

Tel: 01634 407 217