Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium Strategy for 2017/18

Chatham Grammar School for Girls will receive an estimated Pupil Premium allocation of approximately £58,905. 

Please note this remains a forecast figure because Year 7 top up grant notification and actual PPG allocation notification will not be received until January and March 2018 respectively.

We recognise that some of the main barriers to educational achievement for our Disadvantaged students are;

(i) Home circumstances. Here we try to work closely with parents or support our parents in order to ensure that their son/daughter can succeed at Chatham Grammar School for Girls. Often this is through an academic meeting with the member of SLT responsible for a year group.

(ii)Behaviour for learning may have a barrier to accessing learning and impact the progress that students can make.

(iv) Attendance.  As part of the pupil premium strategy attendance is closely monitored.  Where attendance levels fall, strategies are put into place to support and help improve.

(iii)Low expectations. High expectations are critical if we are to see improved outcomes from students.  Therefore it is important that all students are well challenged. Where students are low in confidence/aspiration we have strategies to put into place.

Chatham Grammar School Teaching and Learning Non-Negotiable Strategy:

·  Question First – priority for directed questions, in terms of challenge and checking understanding.

·  Mark First – Bring to the top of the pile, when you are wide awake, check for green pen improvements.

·  Support First – through guiding questions during student- centred activities.

·  Lead First – provide priority opportunities for leading group work.

·  Seat First – When devising your seating plan, eg. Seat next to HPA student or at front.

·  Track First – make sure you know how well they are doing.


Examples of intervention strategies in place, although this is not an exhaustive list:


·      Raised profile of disadvantaged students.  Staff have quick look access to registers on SIMS that highlight intervention groups.

·      Context sheets for each class focusing on key students and strategies.

·      Ensure targeted questions are directed at disadvantaged students to help promote engagement and development of understanding.

·      Greater focus on marking and giving feedback to underperforming disadvantaged students.

·      During department meetings key underperforming disadvantaged students are discussed, as well as strategies to improve performance.

·      Direct teaching strategies to support the progress of underachieving disadvantaged students.

Subject Leaders:

·      Line management meetings in which disadvantaged students and strategies are discussed, and the impact this is having.

·      Data discussions around groups of students underperforming.

·      Fixed agenda item on line management

Senior Leaders:

·      Review at each tracking point students who are underperforming and strategies to move these forward.

·      Monitor attendance and behaviour

·      Ensure range of additional provision is available to support students holistically.

·      Ensure that a CPD includes a range of teaching and learning strategies to support students.

·      Focused work scrutinies every short term.

·      Student voice feedback every term.

·      Disadvantaged students are a focus area during observations.

2017-2018 Planned Expenditure

Chatham Grammar School for Girls carefully reflects on spending in order to achieve maximum impact for PP students. Planned expenditure includes the following, but is not an exhaustive list:

·      Revision sessions

·      Homework club

·      Duke of Edinburgh

·      Breakfast club

Please click here for the Pupil Premium Budget for 2017/2018

Overseeing and coordinating all activity relating to disadvantaged students will be the Assistant Principal, Helen Newbery.

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Please click here for the Pupil Premium Budget 2016/2017