CGSG navy blazer with embroidered logo.

CGSG navy jumper with embroidered logo.

CGSG navy box pleat skirts.

Striped blouse.

Navy straight legged trousers.

CGSG PE sweatshirt.

Black shoes.

No make-up

No nail varnish or artificial nails are allowed.

Hair must be a natural colour, no dip- dyed hair or bright colours or unusual hairstyles are permitted.

Jewellery - watches can be worn. No other jewellery is allowed (unless for religious reasons). Items must be removed for P.E. and Games. Other facial piercings such as eyebrow, lip, nose, tongue and ear (other than lobe), and body piercings are not allowed in any circumstances and should be removed whilst the students are in school uniform.

Coats are permitted, but hoodies, zipped- up jumpers and non-uniform jumpers are not allowed.

Please note that the Principal should be contacted directly for agreement if a student’s religion requires them to wear any alternative items. Head coverings should be plain black

CGSG reserves the right to send students home to get changed for wearing incorrect uniform. *All logo uniform items can be purchased from our uniform supplier Rainham Sports.

Please click here to visit our uniform provider.